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Washing and Toning Hair Extensions using MUVO

28 Aug

By Kristina Russell

Did you know that MUVO toning products are safe to use on your hair extensions? 

Toning your hair extensions using a MUVO shampoos is a fabulous way to revive and refresh your colour! I wear tape extensions in my own hair and love how easily I can tone my extensions in between professional colour appointments with MUVO toning shampoos. 

We recommend only using a coloured shampoo every 2 to 3 times you wash your hair as more frequent usage can lead to over-toning. To avoid this, alternate your washes with MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo (colour-free shampoo) and your chosen MUVO coloured/toning shampoo.  It’s important to test them out and discover what products work best for you!

Before diving into the cleaning process, it’s crucial to know the type of hair extensions you have. Common types include tape-ins, clip-ins, fusion, and sew-ins. Different extensions will have varying care requirements, so if you’re not sure it’s best to ask your hairdresser at your next appointment.

How to Clean & Tone Hair Extensions with MUVO

Before starting the cleaning process, make sure you have the necessary tools and products at hand. You will need:

Wide-toothed comb or hair extension brush
MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo & Conditioner
Your choice of MUVO toning shampoo
Lukewarm water
Revolution Leave-In Treatment 
(or other heat protection spray)
Smooth Leave-In Treatment 
(or other leave-in conditioner)

If you’re wearing semi-permanent extensions in your hair (tape-ins, fusion and sew-in extensions), you will begin by gently combing through the hair extensions with a wide-toothed comb or a specialised hair extension brush. Start from the ends, and patiently work your way up towards the roots. 

To clean your extensions, you’ll need to thoroughly wet and rinse your hair and extensions with warm water.  

If you want to tone or boost the colour of your hair, select the appropriate MUVO toning shampoo or MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo for a hydrating, colour free option. (If you need a refresher on which toning shampoo is right for you, read our blog on colour theory here.) Apply the shampoo to the extensions, lathering it through the hair gently. Leave it on for 1-5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat this process for more extreme toning or if a deeper colour is desired.

If you wear clip-in extensions and halo hair pieces, you will need to wash, tone and dry your extensions before clipping them into your dry-styled hair. It’s best to hold the extensions by the clips and gently immerse them in a sink or vessel containing lukewarm water and a few pumps of your chosen MUVO shampoo. Once clean and toned to perfection, rinse off with lukewarm water and move onto conditioning.


  • When combing your hair through, try not to pull or tug at any knots as that can lead to damage and a weaker hold on the hair.
  • Avoid washing your extensions in hot water as it can weaken bonds or adhesives in extensions.
  • Make sure the water pressure of your shower is not too high, as it can damage and tangle the extensions.
  • When washing your extensions, try not to rub or twist your extensions too much as this will cause tangling.
  • If you’re submerging your extensions to wash them before applying them to your hair like in the video above, avoid heavily agitating or twisting the hair extensions as this can lead to premature breakage and knots.
  • Some extensions might be more porous than your hair, so always perform a test strand before applying toning shampoos for the first time.

How to Apply Conditioner to Extensions

Apply a small amount of MUVO Totally Naked Conditioner or specialised conditioner in the MUVO range to the extensions, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate the hair shaft. Rinse the extensions thoroughly to remove any residue. 

TOP TIP: Be careful not to apply too much near the roots or extension fixtures to avoid extensions slipping out of the hair.

Drying and Styling Extensions

Gently squeeze out excess water from the extensions, being careful not to rub or wring them. Pat them dry with a clean towel and avoid using excessive heat or harsh towel drying. Allow the extensions to air dry or use a blow dryer on a low heat setting if necessary. Remember to use a heat protectant spray if heat styling is required. My favourite is the MUVO Revolution Leave-In Treatment.

TOP TIP: If you’re washing hair extensions before applying, allow the extensions to air dry completely before styling or storing them.

This MUVO hair extension routine will make wearing hair extensions so much easier, so what are you waiting for?! Wash and tone your extensions with MUVO today! Shop here.

MUVO uses and recommends Angel Hair Extensions.

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