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Colour Correction Basics with MUVO

29 Jun

Have you ever wondered how MUVO toning shampoos counteract unwanted tones in your hair?

Master colourist, Kristina Russell breaks it down for us: 

As a Sydney-based hair colour specialist with 25+ years of industry experience, I love to experiment to find the best products for consumers to take care of their hair colour between salon visits. MUVO is my favourite range of products designed to maintain hair health whilst enhancing colour tonality. 

MUVO’s temporary colour shampoos are suitable for colour corrections, toning, colour boosting and refining your hair shade. Plus, the range maintains the work done in the salon by extending the longevity of your hair colour!

Let’s take a look at how MUVO toning shampoos can help you counteract unwanted tones in your hair. 

When toning the hair, we look at the colours that counteract the unwanted tones. This is why we use purple pigments to counteract yellow tones, blues to counteract oranges and greens to counteract reds.

Step 1 - Assess what tone you wish to counteract (eg, red or brassy yellow tones)
Step 2 - Detox the hair to remove the buildup of products & toning shampoos with MUVO Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Step 3 - Apply your chosen MUVO toning shampoo on damp hair for 1-5 minutes for subtle and noticeable colour or apply to towel-dried or dry hair for a longer period of time for a stronger deposit of colour 
Step 4 - Rinse when the desired colour is achieved and follow with a MUVO conditioner or treatment

Colour correction examples using MUVO to help guide your product selection

Violet is the opposite of yellow

If your blonde or grey hair colour is too yellow, you can counteract the unwanted yellow tones by applying violet with the Ultra Blonde range. However, if the hair is too purple or silvery you need to counteract these tones with yellow; add warmth by applying Creamy Blonde Shampoo.

Before and after using Ultra Blonde

Before and after using Coolest brunette to counteract strong copper shades

Blue is the opposite of orange

If your brunette hair is too copper or orange, then you’ll need to counteract those tones using blue. The Coolest Brunette range can counteract orange/copper tones. However, if the hair is too blue or your ash toner has made your Bronde or Brunette too flat, you can counteract these tones with orange by using Just Peachy Shampoo.

Green is the opposite of red

If your brunette hair has too much red or warmth you can counteract with green by using Coolest Brunette Shampoo. If you have green hair, the opposite colour is red. Flaming Copper or Ultra Rose Shampoos would be used to counteract these green tones. If your brunette hair looks flat, drab or murky, it could be due to build-up which can throw green. When this happens I would use Deep Cleansing Shampoo to clarify and remove this build-up and then mix a mocktail of Flaming Copper with Coolest Brunette Shampoo.

In all of the above cases, be wary of using full-strength MUVO toning shampoos to counteract subtle or pale tones, especially on highlighted or natural light to medium blonde hair. For example, using full-strength red on pale green tones caused by swimming because bright red can be too strong if you’re looking for a neutral result. You can pastelise the strength of MUVO toning shampoos by diluting them with Totally Naked Shampoo.

To sum up, MUVO toning shampoos are a game-changer in the world of hair care. These innovative products offer a simple and effective solution for maintaining vibrant, salon-worthy hair colour from the comfort of your own home. With their ability to neutralize brassiness and enhance cool or warm tones, toning shampoos empower consumers to extend the life of their colour treatments and achieve the desired look without frequent salon visits.

As you explore the wide range of toning shampoos available, remember to consider your hair type, colour, and individual needs to find the perfect match. Embrace the power of toning shampoos and say goodbye to dull, lacklustre hair and hello, beautiful, radiant locks! Shop now!


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