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Kristina Russell’s Top MUVO Mocktail Recipes

05 Dec

You’ve heard of MUVO coloured shampoos, you may have even tried them, and we’re thinking that you’ve landed here because you want to have some hair fun! MUVO has established itself as your go-to for a quick, temporary colour change, or if you’re a colourist, MUVO gives you creative freedom to mix unique colours for your clients.

We know you’ve nailed how to maintain your salon colour between visits with MUVO and fight unwanted brassy or dull tones that can happen when your salon hair colour starts to fade. It’s now time to expand your colourful horizons by mixing the MUVO shampoos together to create your own custom hair mocktail!

No alcohol is present in MUVO Mocktails, but of course, feel free to drink champagne while experimenting or a naked G&T for a little fizz and flavour to inspire your inner artist and get creative! Enjoy!

Kristina x

DISCLAIMER: If you are going to apply the Mocktail recipe to lighter-coloured hair expect brighter results, and if applied to darker hair expect a more subdued colour. The application technique or method will also alter your results as applying directly on dry hair and left to process for a longer period of time will intensify and increase the vibrancy of the colour. While applying it on wet hair or for less time will result in softer more pastel-like colours. For the purpose of this blog, we have made these examples by applying coloured shampoo on towel-dried hair for 5 minutes.

You’re feeling like you could be a DIY Mixologist and we believe you can too! Want to experiment with some MUVO Mocktails? Let’s dive right into Kristina’s colour creations…

Grey For Days

Ultra Blonde Shampoo (1 pump) + Coolest Brunette Shampoo (1 pump) on dark blonde

A deep, delicious, grey tone when grunt is needed to remove stubborn brassy tones for balayage, bronde or brunettes. As cold and dark as a winter’s day, this mix is sure to zap you to the cool side of blonde.

Guns n’ Roses

Ultra Rose Shampoo (1 pump) + Coolest Brunette Shampoo (1 pump) on medium blonde

This mocktail takes you down to Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty! Metal vibes for high shine & cool rosewood tones for medium to darker blondes and balayage babes.

Pretty in Pink

Ultra Rose Shampoo (1 pump) + Totally Naked Shampoo (1 pump) on light blonde

This is the ultimate soft pink that is like a soft whisper of delicious, pink shimmer in your hair. It’s shiny! It’s soft! And this looks good on all complexions. All you need is a little bit of blonde to show this beauty off.

Here comes the Sun

Creamy Blonde Shampoo (1 pump) + Just Peachy Shampoo (1 pump) on platinum blonde

When temperatures are rising and you’re keen to exude rays of sunshine from your hair, this is the perfect combination for you! Refreshing for honey blondes with faded lack-lustre hair and for platinum blonde lovers that are searching for something new to try!

Sweet Berry Bourbon Smash

Flaming Copper Shampoo (1 pump) + Coolest Brunette Shampoo (1 pump) on dark blonde

It’s a bit like the colour of Cherry-Cola for your hair! Deep and layered depending on the texture of your hair. If you’re feeling bold, try an extra pump of Flaming Copper Shampoo to pump up the vibrancy of your hair.

Tequila Slammer

Just Peachy Shampoo (1 pump) + Coolest Brunette Shampoo (1 pump) on dark blonde/bronde

This mocktail combination gives you all the warm fuzzy feelings of a Tequila slammer. Your hair will look bronde-tastic and as Paris Hilton famously says, that’s hot!

Mango Deep Fizz

Just Peachy Shampoo (1 pump) + Flaming Copper Shampoo (1 pump) on dark blonde/bronde

Fruity-tooty deliciousness for your golden blonde locks! This is a spicy copper addition to the mocktail menu that is bound to add some zest to dull hair. Looking to turn up the heat? Look no further! Best suits copper-haired beauties, auburn lovers and light brunettes looking to paint the town red!

Peachy Keen

Just Peachy Shampoo (1 pump) + Ultra Blonde Shampoo (1 pump) on platinum blonde

Cool, crisp, classically refined Peach without the brassy yellow tones. The clash of orangey peach and cool lilac blonde creates a unique custom cocktail with the gemstone shine and colour of a pink diamond. Stunning!

Watermelon Margarita

Just Peachy Shampoo (1 pump) + Ultra Rose Shampoo (1 pump) on light blonde

Yummy! This MUVO mocktail is exactly what every blonde needs when feeling the urge to try pink. It’s summery. It’s fresh. This works really well in all blondes, including strawberry, light gold, wheat, cream and vanilla blondes that want to be pretty in pink!

Purple Rain

Ultra Blonde Shampoo (1 pump) + Ultra Rose Shampoo (1 pump) on platinum blonde

If you are on the ultimate Blonde Ambition tour every time you visit the hairdresser, you’re always asking to go lighter or whiter, but you love pink… this is for you! Guaranteed to fade back to platinum blonde without the warm tones some pick cocktails can serve up. This is a temporary splash of fun for your hair. Vanilla Ice Ice baby with a kick of Pink!

Which one is your favourite?

Is there something you have been mixing up that’s not listed here? We would love to know what you’re loving. Tag @muvohair and #MUVOMocktails in your social media posts so we can check out your mixology of MUVO Mocktails and for a chance to be featured on our social channels.


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About Kristina

Kristina Russell with Peach hair on orange background

I am a Sydney-based Haircolour Specialist that loves all things colourful. I like to approach hair as if it is a blank canvas and layer the colours to create custom creations for each of my clients. I work as a Colour Specialist in a Sydney salon a few days a week, as well as keeping a busy schedule travelling and teaching classes to help hairdressers and salon owners on colour theory and techniques to help hairdressers achieve their colourful goals. 

I am a certified Rainbow Hair Mixologist and Unicorn Artist with a love for creating unique hair colours. I love creating pastels for my clients and I believe the key to a successful experience with a hairdresser is to be educated on how to care for your look between visits. I love sharing inspiration and formulas across social media and my blogs go into a little more depth to help people know how to achieve their dream hair at home or in the salon.

Follow Kristina on Instagram @colourkristina and tune into her podcast @colourkristinatalkspodcast 

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