Life’s better when you’re Peachy

Girl with long peach hair

Just Peachy Shampoo is the colour you’ll love – popular now, continuing into this year and beyond. This delicious fresh tone is a concoction of pink nuances and orange variations; reminiscent of a juicy, ripe peach, which is where this hair trend gets its name.

Not just on the heads of celebrities, peach hair is for all to try. Play with MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo – the timings and applications will have you creating individual and exciting looks.

With peach hair, you can decide for yourself whether you want to be a little pinker or have more orangey tones. It all depends on what colour your hair is to begin with, whether you use wet or dry and how long you leave it on for.

Get advice at the MUVO hairdressing salon of your choice, or send us a message and let experienced hands help you so that your new hair colour looks on point.


Just Peachy

Just Peachy Shampoo


Here’s some peach hair inspiration for what can be achieved:

Boy with curly peach hair
To acheive this shade of peach the hair would need to be pre lighted first then applied on dry, and left for approx 20 mins.
Light peachy coloured hair.
To achieve this pastel peach apply on pre lightened hair for approx 2-3 mins. Results will vary depending on porosity of hair and how long the hair is pre lightened.
Girl holding the ends of her long peach hair
To acheive this intense peach colour apply on bleached hair and leave to process for approx 20 mins.

Thanks to a blend of pink/orange colour reflections, Just Peachy Shampoo is perfect for any season. Imagine peachy light shimmering in your hair that instantly creates a feel-good vibes. What more could you want?

If you have a warm complexion (both fair or dark skin with a predominance of warmth in your skin tone) we recommend you try MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo.

For those with a light, cool complexion, you may prefer MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo. However, as we have mentioned above, experimenting with timing and application can achieve swings towards pinky or orangey tones.

Blondes in particular can benefit from MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo as it’s a great way to add shine and create an exciting look without risking your existing colour too much. Just Peachy Shampoo will fade out after a few washes and if the colour needs to be removed quickly, use MUVO Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

You can also intermix MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo with MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo if you want to sit somewhere in the middle (!) and experiment with individual and unique tones.

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