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Create Party Pastels with Kristina Russell

22 Nov

It’s festival and party season! Hip Hip Hooray! 

DIY colour and pastel hair have been evolving into committed relationships between clients and their hairdressers. Pastels don’t last long in the hair and require at-home touch-ups for those committed to living out their pastel dreams. This is great news for people that lack commitment and want a short-term fling with hair colour! This means you can have pink hair for a party this weekend and then wash it out during the week, and perhaps you’ll be pale copper the weekend after at the next party! That’s how fun (and temporary) Party Pastels can be! 

Because of their lightness, pastels work better on naturally fair and bleached hair. This includes anyone that has some foiled highlights, babylights, grown out or fresh scalp bleach and balayage hair. However, I don’t suggest doing any blonding at home; leave that to the professionals!

Once you have some blonde in your hair, you then have the perfect canvas to start painting pastels yourself at home.

There are a few options for trying the Party Pastel Hair Colour Trend with MUVO colour and toning shampoos, and I’m going to share with you in this blog how you can achieve them easily; peach, pink and warm rose golds included. These products are fun, temporary and easy to use at home.  No gloves are needed. No peroxide. Simple!  

I like to describe MUVO toning shampoos as being like a splash of bold or pastel makeup for your hair or the ultimate accessory layer to accentuate your party outfit.

The MUVO toning range is something I use every day in the salon, and I use it at home to achieve my changeable pinkish, peachy hair colour that varies from mandarin copper to vintage rose to strawberry blonde from wash to wash. I can create infinite colours ranging from pastels to brights, with a low commitment of 2-4 washes. MUVO can be applied in the salon or at home, on wet or dry hair, freshly after a cleansing shampoo. If your hair is fairly clean without any styling product residue you can simply wet your hair and use their toning shampoo for fast results in as little as 3 minutes. It’s fast and easy to change your look for every party! Rainbow colours have just become a lot easier! 

I suggest to my clients that they invest in a few different colour options to allow them to become masters of their own custom tones. It’s all about knowing what suits you and what excites you and mixing these up for low-commitment pastels this party season.  

Here’s how I suggest creating the Perfect Party Pastel hair: 

  1. Shampoo your hair with MUVO Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove product build-up if necessary 
  2. Apply your favourite MUVO colour toning shampoo to your hair or a mix of 1-3 colour toning shampoos for a customised Party Pastel for approximately 3-5 minutes for a noticeable and instant result 
  3. Hot tip!! Leave the shampoo on for 20 minutes on towel-dried hair for higher-impact results 
  4. The artistic results can be varied by using different formulas throughout the head, so maybe you could try MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo in your fringe and MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo throughout the rest for something different  
  5. Have fun! Remember pastels are a temporary hair colour and should be frivolous and fun for both hairdresser and the fashion-conscious client 
  6. If you find that MUVO toning shampoos are a bit stronger than what you’d like, and you’re after a more subtle, soft pastel tone, you can dilute any of the MUVO toning shampoo range with MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo. The Totally Naked range was made for colour care and to work as the perfect pasteliser for MUVO’s colour toning range so you can go as subtle as you like!
Woman with ginger hair and pink highlights throuout

Here MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo is diluted with MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo and then lathered through the hair for 1 minute. Via @rubyblue_hairboutique

girl with wavy pastel pink hair

MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo applied to bleached, dry hair for 10 minutes and then rinsed with MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo. Via @two_little_blondes

My current favourite Pastel Party colour mixes (for me and my clients!):

  • Just Peachy Shampoo applied on golden blonde hair or highlighted hair for 3-5 minutes for a pinkish peach with medium intensity. 
  • Just Peachy Shampoo mixed with Ultra Rose Shampoo with a cool refined rose gold hue on blondes for clients that want a soft pastel shade that suits all skin tones.
  • Just Peachy Shampoo mixed with Creamy Blonde Shampoo for a sparkly strawberry copper blonde that’s suitable for clients that are natural redheads, gingers or warmer blondes or anyone that’s open to stepping away from the ash platinum world to get dipped in a little honey vibe for a party pastel hair colour moment.
Long flowing and wavy hair that is golden blonde with pastel pink throughout

MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo washed through golden highlights. Via @hairbysarajadee

Woman with shoulder length, wavy, peach coloured hair

½ MUVO Just Peachy & ½ MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo applied for 10 minutes on pre-lightened hair. Via @neonblonde

Woman with long, natural red hair with subtle pink tones through the ends

MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo used over fresh foils. Via @combstudio

Some things to consider when choosing your perfect Party Pastel shade:

  • Think of pastel hair as wearing jewellery, for example, warm colours will work with gold or bold jewellery and cooler colours will work with pinks and lavenders with silver or softer jewellery options.
  • If you’re wearing gold jewellery you might like to pick warmer concoctions of MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo mixed with either Flaming Copper or Creamy Blonde Shampoos. Likewise, if you’re wearing silver jewellery you could look fantastic with Just Peachy Shampoo diluted with Ultra Blonde Shampoo for the softest hint of Peach without any yellow tones. You could also try mixing a splash of the Ultra Rose Shampoo for a delicate cool strawberry tone.
  • If you apply a colour toning product and are unhappy with the result or think that it has grabbed too bright in some sections, don’t panic! MUVO’s coloured shampoos are temporary and easily washed out if you need to with MUVO Deep Cleansing Shampoo which is also great if you’re ready to return to your previous colour. 
  • Pastel Party hair is all about adding some fun to your life! Don’t be afraid to explore different hair colours and embrace the temporary fun pastel hair can bring!

Pastels are always trending, especially during party season! It’s such a fun way to create fresh looks for every occasion without the fuss of always needing to visit the salon to change your colour. So now that you have all the tools, embrace frivolity this festive season and create your own Party Pastel shade!  

Kristina x 

If you’re dyeing (get it?) to try this trend, click here to shop the MUVO colour toning range!

About Kristina

Kristina Russell with Peach hair on orange background

I am a Sydney-based Haircolour Specialist that loves all things colourful. I like to approach hair as if it is a blank canvas and layer the colours to create custom creations for each of my clients. I work as a Colour Specialist in a Sydney salon a few days a week, as well as keeping a busy schedule travelling and teaching classes to help hairdressers and salon owners on colour theory and techniques to help hairdressers achieve their colourful goals. 

I am a certified Rainbow Hair Mixologist and Unicorn Artist with a love for creating unique hair colours. I love creating pastels for my clients and I believe the key to a successful experience with a hairdresser is to be educated on how to care for your look between visits. I love sharing inspiration and formulas across social media and my blogs go into a little more depth to help people know how to achieve their dream hair at home or in the salon.

Follow Kristina on Instagram @colourkristina and tune into her podcast @colourkristinatalkspodcast 


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