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We would like to formally introduce Kristina Russell as MUVO’s Brand Ambassador!

20 Oct

We are so lucky to have Kristina Russell join us on our journey to continue providing you and your clients with the best haircare & hair health! Read on to learn about our amazing new brand ambassador and to discover her favourite MUVO product 😉

Hello! My name is Kristina Russell and I am a Sydney-based multi-award-winning Haircolour Expert & Educator for hairdressers and salon owners. I am so passionate about education and only working with products that I love which is why I am thrilled to share with you that I have partnered with MUVO as their Salon Brand Ambassador! 

I’ll be working with the team at MUVO to help educate hairdressers about how fabulous their products are, write blogs and film educational vlogs for their website, share tips on my Instagram, learn how to use their range of incredible products & help everyone that loves to have healthy coloured hair.

When I initially tried MUVO’s colour-toning shampoos and conditioners it was love at first sight. MUVO is an ethical and Australian-owned brand that uses wonderful Aussie ingredients that deliver the results that my clients and I need for beautifully colourful hair.

Clive Allright, industry friend and hairdressing icon, contacted me sharing how his team had been trialling the MUVO range of products too and were also achieving fabulous results! He suggested that I connect with the MUVO team as he’d heard they were seeking a candidate for a Salon Ambassador role, and the rest (as the saying goes) is history… in the making!

I have been working with MUVO for several months now and have received such encouraging feedback from every one of my clients using their products at home for colour maintenance. As a Master Hair Colourist, my clients are seeking transformative colours and require products to maintain those between salon visits. MUVO colour toning products are the best colour support system I have worked with!

Let me share with you some of my history to quantify my hairdressing experience and enthusiasm for all things colour…

I’m a qualified hairdresser with 28 years’ experience and have been a podcast host and online course creator for 4 years! I divide my professional time between working behind the salon chair on my hair colour clients in Sydney and teaching classes to help Hairdressers and Salon Owners elevate their craft.

I’ve taught thousands of hairdressers how to grow their confidence and scale their colour business with my unique POD (point of difference) to the colour theory I learnt in art school. My different perspective on the hairdressing norm in colour education is world-renowned for sharing a well-thought-out strategy on Hair-Painting for Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads.

I’ve been a finalist for Most Creative Colourist of the Year, Australian Hair Educator of the Year x 2 and the winner of Australian Hair Colour Technician of the Year, plus YEN Magazine’s Young Woman of the Year Award.

Let me tell you why I love MUVO. If you have ever been blonde, you have probably tried a purple shampoo. Unless you are seeking a platinum blonde on pre-lightened hair, it’s not always the correct assumption that blonde hair colour requires purple toners. MUVO has so many more options that are customisable and prescriptive to suit many different colour results, including Creamy Blonde, Just Peachy, Coolest Brunette, Ultra Rose, Ultra Blonde and Flaming Copper.

Hair extensions aren’t a problem either! All MUVO toning shampoos and treatments are safe to use on weft, tape and any other type of extensions. I know this because I have tape extensions and have been mixing up my colour at home with a combination of Just Peachy and Ultra Rose for my traffic-stopping pastel pinkish peach hair colour. Did I mention already I’m in love with these products?

I am so excited to be partnered with MUVO to help you on your journey to better hair for you and your clients! 

– Kristina

Kristina has peachy, curled hair and is in a black dress is painting dye onto hair of lady sitting down. They are both smiling.

We asked Kristina a few more questions in our Quick Fire Five:

What are your top 3 favourite things about MUVO?

  1. Australian brand
  2. An incredible range of colour toning shampoos and conditioners that my clients & I love (and trust me… readers will LOVE them too!!)
  3. All of the colour toning shampoos are suitable for salon application and easy for clients to do at home… plus, did I mention they are all hydrating?!

What is your favourite product from the MUVO range and which product do you use the most?

My favourite product is the Just Peachy colour toning shampoo and Totally Naked conditioner combination for shiny pastel hair that is easily created in less than 5 minutes.

How do you use MUVO day-to-day? 

I use MUVO to keep my pastel hair colour fresh, fabulous and shiny. My day-to-day regime is alternating washes between the Totally Naked range and the colour toning products. Super easy! 

What can we learn from you? 

I have the ability to help hairdressers understand colour principles in an easy-to-understand way. My colour theory knowledge is based on my studies at art school with proven principles that work with every hair colour. I look forward to geeking out with colour lovers that are seeking to add fun tones to their hair and learn how to enhance their hair colour or counteract unwanted tones. MUVO customers and salon clients will learn how to customise colours, enhance natural beauty, celebrate diversity and be more confident colourists from me.

If you could only take one MUVO product away on holiday with you, what would you take?

I would take the Petite Pair of Ultra Rose shampoo and conditioner. I cannot live without colour-toning products. Yes, that is two products packaged in one box, so it’s kind of one product. I have twisted the answer a little to ensure my holiday hair looks like a blushing pastel rose.

Follow Kristina on Instagram @colourkristina, tune into her podcast @colourkristinatalkspodcast and watch this space for so many exciting things to come!


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