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Just what is MUVO Totally Naked?

27 Oct

The myths and the misconceptions about this shampoo & conditioner, let’s bare it all and tell you the facts while you keep your clothes on 😉

MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo and Conditioner was created to complement our already great range of hair toning products.

Our very first hero product MUVO Ultra Blonde, tones and removes brass from blonde hair, MUVO Ultra Rose creates pink tones on pre-lightened hair and MUVO Coolest Brunette cools warmth in darker hair. MUVO Totally Naked by design is our colour free, regular-use range. But more than that, it can be used to pastelise (dilute the strength of) our toning products.

When the strength of our MUVO toning products is proving to be a little intense for your hair, Totally Naked is the perfect colour free product to mix and dilute our toners down… as well as being your ultimate “go-to” regular shampoo & conditioner.

Example Of Usage

For MUVO Ultra Blonde babes that have finer hair, or are on the more absorbent side, you can dilute with equal parts of MUVO Totally Naked for perfect results. If you are requiring a more subtle toning effect, alter the amounts that you dilute with. The options are endless and you’re in control!

Ultra Rose Shampoo is another perfect companion to dilute with Totally Naked. Create more subtle pink results by diluting with Totally Naked Shampoo.

The same can also be achieved with MUVO Coolest Brunette Shampoo. Our products have powerful toning capabilities, that’s where Totally Naked can step in if less intense results are required. Totally Naked is the great “must-have” multi-use product we all need in our bathrooms (or salons)!

Totally Naked can be used in conjunction with any MUVO coloured product to prevent build up and create better hair routines.

Using Totally Naked colour-free Shampoo and Conditioner alternating with either Ultra Blonde, Ultra Rose or Coolest Brunette will ensure the best possible results on your hair. We recommend that the “less is more” approach is the way to go when toning and creating colours.

Let’s get things straight…

One misconception is that Totally Naked is a treatment. Although it has awesome conditioning components and maintains healthy, shiny hair, it is solely a regular use, colour-free shampoo and conditioner that was designed to complement the other products in our MUVO range.

Needless to say, Totally Naked is safe to use on colour treated hair. Jam-packed with Australia’s Waratah extract to help repair damage and promote smooth shiny hair, we’re sure Totally Naked will be a favourite go-to for the whole family.

Ever wondered how Australian flowers keep their vibrant colours even under harsh, dry and extreme heat conditions? They are powerhouses of natural actives and when used in hair care, they can give your hair the muscle to fight colour fade, dehydration, UV exposure and more.


Waratah Flower Extract – What is it?

Nothing says Australia more than this botanical – big, bold, beautiful and complex. Its large, bright crimson head is actually hundreds of intricate and delicate individual small flowers densely packed together.

Learn more about our Native Extract Ingredients

These small flowers deliver big results – plant amino acids for structure and repair, promoting healthy hair growth, smoothness/anti-frizz and overall improved condition.

Found in WA, the Waratah is more than our most iconic flower, it’s a new discovery for hair care, making MUVO Totally Naked a one of a kind product.

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