2022 Feestelijke geschenkgids

08 dec

Op zoek naar het perfecte vakantiegeschenk dit jaar, maar u zit met de handen in het haar? Het is gemakkelijk met onze lijst & links naar de beste cadeau-ideeën en stocking stuffers van MUVO.

Stout of aardig, je vrienden en familie verdienen het geschenk van goed haar. Vul de kousen van je geliefde met MUVO. Hier zijn onze suggesties voor zelfs de lastigste persoon om voor te kopen!

For the Fashion Forward

Copper hair has been one of the biggest hair trends in 2022. MUVO Flaming Copper is for the trend-setting, adventurous and creative person in your life that lives a vibrant and exciting lifestyle. The life of the party will love MUVO Flaming Copper this festive season!

For the Blonde Bombshell

Our number one selling product MUVO Ultra Blonde should be on your shopping list this holiday season for your ‘crazy about blonde’ friend. Lucky for you we have done the hard work and put all of our best-selling Ultra Blonde products in a box! Our Ultra Blonde Bombshell in a Box is the ultimate collection to bring you all things vital for blonde, bleached, grey and highlighted hair. Whether it’s maintenance, repair, express care or on-the-go tools, we’ve selected everything a Blonde Bombshell could desire.

Give your bombshell the gift of toned, fresh blonde hair this year.

What’s in the box?

  • Max strength Ultra Blonde Shampoo neutralises brassy tones in minutes, leaving hair ready to stand out in social worthy snaps. Say goodbye to dry, brassy hair and hello to shiny, healthy and clean Bombshell tones. 
  • Ultra Blonde Conditioner with native Australian Davidson Plum extract seals the blonde deal to prevent fading, bringing out the vibrance and shiny vibes with newly conditioned blonde tones. 
  • Ultra Blonde Therapy Mask neutralises unwanted yellow and brassy tones. Enriched with native Australian Davidson Plum extract, soy protein, avocado, argan and jojoba oils; transform, nourish, strengthen and repair to be party ready!
  • No excuse for time poor blondes! Revolution Treatment for Blondes is a leave-in spray that instantly tones away pesky brassiness. Enriched with Irish Moss and Native Australian Finger Lime Caviar & Quandong extracts this hydrating, lightweight, purple toner will detangle, de-frizz, prep and protect for heat styling and environment exposure. Made to accompany all blonde adventures for on-the-go toning. 
  • The MUVO claw will not only have your friend looking and feeling like the bombshell they are, but also be the handy hair accessory that they can rely on (when you’re not available!). Use when applying MUVO Ultra Blonde Therapy Mask, so the only place hair will be dripping will be with style at VIP parties this season.

For the Jet-Setter

Got a friend that spends more time away on holidays than at home? MUVO Getaway Kits are the perfect travel companion, offering the essential tools for on-the-go maintenance, repair and styling in convenient travel sizes; housed in a clear pouch (perfect for going through security) to bring happy travelling!

We’ve thought about your friends – whether they’re blonde, brunette or looking for pink adventures, we have you sorted.

What’s in the pouch?

For the Multi-Tasker

Revolution Treatment is the innovation your friend needs to stay on top of their busy schedule. MUVO Revolution Treatments simplify the process of post-shampoo/conditioner right through to heat styling. Revolution comes with two options; our regular for all hair types and an option for blondes with purple toning benefits. This multi-solution, leave-in spray treatment is one product that does it all (like your friend!).

What makes Revolution so revolutionary? 

Our lightweight treatment will;

  • Tone away brassiness (blonde version only)
  • Detangle
  • Remove frizz
  • Prep for heat styling
  • Provide extreme heat protection up to 220°
  • Condition
  • Repair
  • Protect from environmental exposure
  • Hydrate

For the Friend That Needs Some Good Advice (even if they don’t want to hear it)

Do you have that one friend that carries a lint roller at all times for quick dandruff removal? Or perhaps it’s the dry-scaly patches in their scalp that really need attention? Our Scalp Remedy Pack is the miracle cure that they need! 

MUVO Scalp Cleansing Spray is skincare for the hair! … a pre-shampoo product that adds extra grunt power to exfoliate the scalp, remove excess oil and styling products and assist with returning scalp and hair health back to normal PH levels. 

Sounds technical? It is! MUVO Scalp Cleansing Spray contains native Australian Wild Orange Leaf, Pineapple, Salicylic, Glycolic, Lactic and Citric Acids that work to dissolve and break down dead skin cells and thick patches of dry skin. 

In a convenient pouch we’ve coupled Scalp Cleansing Spray with Deep Cleansing Shampoo to completely detox and transform those suffering with itchy and flaky scalps including build-up, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and dandruff. We have also included the MUVO Scalp Brush to massage and help with the process of exfoliating the scalp, stimulating blood flow for healthy hair, free of discomfort. 

Not the sexiest of gifts but they’ll love you for it!

Make Good Gift Choices

Now that you’ve had a taste of our festive gift collection, you’re well equipped to start ticking people off your list! We have even more on offer, so check out our shop here to show you care with the gift of great hair. Our collection of Australian-made, cruelty free and vegan products are sure to impress! 

Happy Holidays!


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