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Hoe u optimale resultaten behaalt met MUVO Ultra Blonde

24 feb

Love MUVO? We’re hearing from you.

If you’re like a lot of the blonde babes we know, we understand that you can get a little addicted to a good thing. We also understand that after using our fabulous, non-drying and powerful Ultra Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner you’ve seen your blonde in a new light. You want to feel like that every time you wash your hair, right?

We know you love the way MUVO Ultra Blonde removes all those annoying gold tones. The only step you could be missing is a regular use shampoo and conditioner in-between.

If you’re old enough to remember… back in the day your hair may have been excruciatingly pulled strand by strand through a tip cap and you were left with a blonde brassy look (more yellow than Big Bird from Sesame Street) until your next salon appointment!

Today, in the world of ultra technology, MUVO Ultra Blonde has been created to eliminate those unwanted brassy, gold and yellow tones from your hair. The beauty of maximum strength Ultra Blonde means that you don’t need to use it every time you wash your hair. More like the backup plan when your blonde is feeling a little gold and in need of a freshen up. However, if it’s ashy tones that you’re looking for, MUVO Ultra Blonde can absolutely be used every time you wash.

Big fringed, blunt bob white hair

Want an icy blonde like this? It all depends on the blonde tone you have to begin with. This look is more likely to be possible with very light bleached hair.

Gypsy boho look with wavy blonde hair

Keeping your blondes fresh is what we’re about. MUVO Ultra Blonde doesn’t have to be used every wash to keep these kinds of tones bright and creamy.

To achieve maximum, basin blonde results we recommend you…

1. Use as directed or take the advice of your trusty stylist who handed you your MUVO goodies.

2. Use MUVO Ultra Blonde every time you wash or in conjunction with your regular use shampoo and conditioner. If used every time, you need to be aware that you’re going to get more ashy tones. If used in between washes, you are more likely to have clean, creamy tones. It really depends on what tones your hair is, to begin with. That’s why we ask you to experiment and have a play with the timing to achieve the results you want for your own hair.

3. Tone it down (pardon the pun:-)), and use a regular colour free product such as MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo & Conditioner most of the time. When you feel like your hair needs a hit of brass-killing, yellow-removing goodness, hit it with our MUVO Ultra Blonde and you’ll be on your way not only to a great hair routine but fabulous, clean-blonde every time.

Rest assured, if you’re a MUVO Ultra Blonde addict we understand why. We want the best for your mane and hope to bring your knowledge of our products up a notch.

Feel free to share this holy hair gospel advice to a blonde babe you suspect may be addicted, just like you 😉

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