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The hottest hair trend for 2024: How to create Pantone’s ‘Peach Fuzz’

15 Feb

By Kristina Russell

Are you longing for a vibrant & playful hair colour that radiates warmth and charm? Look no further that MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo! It’s the ticket to achieving one of the hottest trends for 2024 and the Pantone Colour of the Year; ‘Peach Fuzz’. While I love embracing all trends (see the end of the blog for my 2024 predictions!), this peachy blonde hair shade holds a special place in my heart. In this blog, I’ll take you through the steps to achieve this stunning, peachy hue using MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo! Say goodbye to drab & hello to a fresh burst of colour!

The ‘Peach Fuzz’ colour sits in between pink & orange, which is the perfect twist on a golden, creamy, strawberry blonde. MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo will create this colour on golden, yellow and light blonde bases so I’m confident it will entice the arctic blonde lover to try something new. I’ve been wearing peachy hair colours for a while now with thanks to MUVO & I love that it will be one of the hottest trends this year!

This is how Pantone describes the colour and what it represents:

MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo is the perfect product to create and maintain the delightful & delicious ‘Peach Fuzz’. This shampoo was designed to create temporary hair colour without the commitment to permanent dyes or to maintain peach tones in colour applied professionally. MUVO Just Peachy will not only leave the most beautiful shade on your hair, but will also work to hydrate & leave your hair silky smooth!


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How to use MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo to create ‘Peach Fuzz’ hair:

Achieving ‘Peach Fuzz’ hair colour with MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo is fun and easy! Follow this step-by-step guide to create this beautiful and on-trend colour at home!

1. Prepare:

Before you begin the toning process, make sure your hair is clean & free of any styling products or dry shampoo. I love to shampoo my hair with MUVO Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove build-up & ensure the colour disperses evenly.

2. Towel dry the hair:

Gently towel dry the hair to remove excess water. It is preferred to start with damp hair as this will help the shampoo spread evenly and adhere to the hair shaft. It’s not essential to towel dry the hair if your client is after maximum deposit with super vibrant results.

queeze as much water out of your hair as possible & apply the shampoo for 1-3 minutes the first time you use Just Peachy Shampoo. Then, if you’d like more noticeable and vibrant results next time, leave the shampoo on for longer & dry your hair more. MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo can be left on for up to 20 minutes if you’re after max brightness!

3. Applying MUVO Just Peachy:

Disperse a generous amount of MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo onto your hands & evenly distribute through your hair. Sometimes sectioning can be helpful if you have a lot of hair & to make sure that no strand is left behind! Work the product in from roots to tips & feel free to wear gloves if you wish.

4. Wait for the magic to happen:

Allow the shampoo to work its magic for the recommended time & no longer than 20 mins. Check the product instructions for guidance, but generally, Just Peachy Shampoo when left on light blonde hair for 3-5 minutes should result in a soft pastel peach. If you’re after a warmer, strawberry peach shade, mix in a little of MUVO Creamy Blonde Shampoo. If you’re a darker haired peach-goer, leave on for longer to maximise the colour payoff.

5. Rinse thoroughly:

When you’re ready to wash the product out, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. This is crucial to remove excess product & prevent dye build up.

6. Condition & treat:

Follow with a nourishing conditioner to keep your hair healthy & hydrated while protecting your new colour! I love MUVO Totally Naked Conditioner. If you require deeper conditioning & repair, MUVO Rapid 1 Minute Treatment is the best!

7. Style:

Style your hair as usual and don’t forget a to use a heat protectant! My favourite is MUVO Revolution Treatment

collage of results of using just peachy shampoo.

Key Just Peachy Shampoo tips:

Using colour safe products is so important! In between colour applications with MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo, you will need to use nourishing & colour safe shampoos & conditioners. Check out the Totally Naked range which was designed specifically with coloured hair in mind!

Limit washing to prevent premature colour fade. If you increase the time between your hair wash days, you’ll not only make the colour last for longer, but save time & product!

Using protection is crucial!  Heat protection while styling with hot tools in a must! Use MUVO Revolution Treatment for heat protection up to 220°C, plus the added benefits of hydration, detangling, nourishment & added shine. This easy-to-use spray treatment also protects hair from colour-fading UV & chlorine exposure. It’s the ultimate all-rounder!

MUVO Just Peachy is a temporary colour solution only. MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo is only to be used for temporary colour every 1-2 washes or to maintain salon professional semi, demi or permanent colour. If you love the result of using MUVO Just Peachy & desire your hair to look like that all the time, we recommend that you get it more permanently coloured by your stylist & use MUVO Just Peachy Shampoo to maintain the shade!


While Peachy blonde certainly sits at the top of my trend outlook for 2024, MUVO can be used to either create or maintain all of 2024’s hottest trends!

Make 2024 the year that you embrace MUVO products & explore the versatility that each product offers. MUVO is with you through each & every trend!

My top 5 hair colour trends for 2024 & their MUVO product pairing:

  1. Peachy blonde Just Peachy Shampoo applied to blonde & highlighted hair for delicious, peachy shades
  2. Champagne sparklesCreamy Blonde Shampoo applied to bleached or highlighted hair for the ultimate champagne beige
  3. Reds and coppers – use Flaming Copper Shampoo on natural or coloured red heads to boost vibrance, or apply to brunettes to increase warmth
  4. 90’s chunky highlights (think Jennifer Aniston!) – Shampoo with Balayage Shampoo For Brunettes to maintain dimension
  5. Glossy, rich & expensive brunettes – Increase richness & boost brunette tones with Coolest Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner

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