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Enhancing Grey & White Hair with MUVO

26 May

MUVO’s toning shampoos can work wonders for grey or white hair!

Whether you’re a professional hairdresser or a curious consumer looking to amplify your hair game, this blog post is here to guide you through the ins and outs of MUVO’s transformative hair products. 

MUVO toning shampoos are specially formulated to deposit a small amount of pigment onto your hair while you cleanse it. Unlike permanent dyes, which penetrate the hair shaft, these shampoos work on the surface, providing a temporary change that gradually fades with each wash. They are an excellent choice for those seeking a change of hair tones or a low-commitment hair experiment.

If you’re looking to add a touch of vibrancy, counter brassiness, or experiment with subtle hues in your grey or transitioning grey hair, these shampoos will become your new best friend! So, let’s break it down and look at each product in the range that’s highly recommended for grey blending, enhancement or boosting shine.


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Enhancing Grey Hair

Grey, transitioning grey or white hair can sometimes lack dimension and appear dull or yellow over time. MUVO toning shampoos can work wonders to counteract these concerns, allowing you to achieve a more vibrant and polished look. These shampoos often contain violet or blue pigments, which help neutralise yellow and brassy tones, leaving your hair looking fresh and radiant.

However, counteracting unwanted brassy tones is not the only option for grey or transitioning grey hair. When selecting a toning shampoo, it’s essential to consider the shade you wish to achieve. 

If you want to counteract yellow tones, and you prefer a cool, silver or ashy look, opt for a shampoo with violet pigments. On the other hand, if you prefer a sparkly, golden or brighter shade, a creamy-toned shampoo may be more suitable. Remember, the key is to choose a colour with the undertones that complement your skin tone and personal style, so feel free to experiment and find the perfect match for you!

PLEASE NOTE: MUVO toning shampoos have pigment and have the ability to deposit colour temporarily, results may vary depending on the shade of grey, how long your hair has been grey, what your natural colour is and whether your hair has been bleached or coloured before. For example, a full head of white hair that has been white/grey for 10 years is unlikely to achieve any success with MUVO Ultra Rose, whereas blonde hair speckled with grey is likely to be successful. MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo is most likely to work on bleached and colour-treated grey hair. If in doubt, test a small section of your hair.

My 4 Favourite MUVO Shampoos for Grey or White Hair

Ultra Blonde Shampoo counteracts yellow tones on grey, silver, natural blonde and highlighted hair & enhances silver, platinum and ash tones. This is the first go-to product for anyone wanting to add shine and eliminate unwanted brassy or yellow tones on natural white or grey hair or whilst transitioning from blonde to natural grey, but if your hair feels too purple or silvery it’s time to try MUVO Creamy Blonde Shampoo or mix the MUVO Ultra Blonde with MUVO Creamy Blonde to customise your own tone.

Creamy Blonde Shampoo counteracts brassiness in blonde and highlighted hair & enhances sparkle, shine and champagne creamy tones for natural-looking tones and brightness. This is one of my all-time favourite products I have ever used. This is the best product for natural or highlighted blonde hair that is becoming dull from natural grey or white hair emerging. Bright creamy blonde hair is achievable between salon visits with MUVO Creamy Blonde shampoo that is inter-mixable with MUVO Ultra Blonde or MUVO Ultra Rose. It’s as easy as changing your jewellery from silver to gold! 

Coolest Brunette Shampoo counteracts copper and brassy tones in brunette hair. It helps to create dimension in flat, dull grey hair and is perfect to blend emerging or transitioning grey-brunette hair. Coolest Brunette is ideal to tone darker grey hair or achieve a perfect cool, deep ash tone on natural white hair. MUVO Coolest Brunette will not cover grey, it will cleverly blend and disguise them. 

Ultra Rose Shampoo counteracts brassy tones, enhances/adds cool pinkish hues on blonde hair and eliminates green swimmers’ hair. This is a fun and fresh alternative to using MUVO Ultra Blonde for hair that looks murky or dull or to add fun with a rosy pink tone to your grey hair. Perfect for light brunettes in the salt and pepper phase seeking a soft rosewood tone to blend or camouflage greys as opposed to using a violet-based range that will brighten the grey strands amongst the natural hair. Ideal also for white hair to add brightness. 

Application Tips

To make the most of your MUVO toning shampoos, follow these simple application tips:

  1. Start with clean, damp hair: My recommendation is to detox your hair with MUVO Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove product buildup before adding your desired tone to the hair. Ensure your hair is wet before applying the toning shampoo. Gently squeeze out excess water, leaving your hair slightly damp.
  2. Apply the shampoo evenly: Massage the shampoo into your hair, paying extra attention to areas that tend to show more brassiness, such as around the hairline and crown, or any areas that were coloured previously or highlighted.
  3. Let it sit: Leave the shampoo on for the recommended time specified on the product packaging, usually 3-5 minutes. This allows the pigments to work their magic and achieve the desired effect.
  4. Rinse thoroughly: Once the desired time has elapsed, rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any excess product. Follow with a MUVO conditioner or treatment to maintain hair health and hydration and protect against colour fade. We suggest MUVO Totally Naked Conditioner which will deeply nourish, repair, detangle while Waratah extract helps to protect from UV damage and prevent colour fading.

The intensity of the colour will vary depending on factors such as your hair’s porosity and the specific shampoo used. Don’t worry if the initial result seems too subtle, because the effects will gradually build up with continued use. Alternatively, if you’re keen to have a more noticeable colour you can either leave the toning shampoo on for a longer period of time or apply on clean dry hair for stronger results. Don’t be concerned if you have a result stronger than desired because it’s easy to remove temporary toning products by following a Detox regime once a week or when needed. (check out my Detox blog)

MUVO toning shampoos will be an excellent addition to your hair care routine, especially if you’re looking to enhance the natural beauty of your grey, transitioning grey or white hair. They offer a temporary and low-commitment option for experimenting with different tones and counteracting unwanted brassiness. So why not give them a try and embark on a hair adventure that is both fun and fabulous?! Click here to shop.



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