Conditioner, the missing link in your MUVO haircare routine

Skipping on conditioner means that you miss out on all the benefits of healthy hair.

Skipping on conditioner means that you miss out on all the benefits of healthy hair.

Some people think that their hair is too short, too fine, too greasy, or that it just doesn’t tangle enough to need conditioner. Everyone should be using a MUVO conditioner and we’re going to tell you why.

The Cuticle Exposed

The wrong type of conditioner can weigh your hair down and make it greasier than a dip in a fish and chip deep-fryer.

Skipping on MUVO conditioner means that you miss out on all the hair health benefits.

A high percentage of both women and men have colour in their hair. This spells disaster and super fast colour-fade if you’re not using a conditioner. For all our highlighted girls and guys, without conditioner, you are at major risk of brassy, dry-looking colour.

Damaged vs Healthy Hair

Seal the deal

Using conditioner helps to ensure that the cuticle lays smooth to the surface, preventing tangles and allowing knots to release easily. This helps lock in and preserve any hair colour created by MUVO Ultra Blonde or MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo.

The back of a shirtless lady with very long, messy wavy hair
Prevent tangles and knots by conditioning.
Bright platinum blonde with head turned to the side, long bob, wearing black bomber style jacket
Lock-in and preserve colour by using conditioner.

Fight the frizz

Define curl and increase volume by making sure conditioner is part of your hair routine. COOL TIP: Follow your conditioner directions but rinse with cool to warm water instead to seal the cuticle and avoid frizz.

Lady with bright pink long hair wearing red converse shoes, vans socks and long sleeve active wear jacket sitting in the middle of a country road
Fight frizz and define curl with adding conditioner to your hair care routine.
Lady at a night club with wavy long blonde hair wearing t shirt with ORANGE FEVER written many times over it
Prevent tangles and allow knots to release easily.

Sun Protection For Your Hair

MUVO conditioners come with extra benefits and essential nutrients for keeping your hair and scalp healthy and manageable.

With the addition of some amazing Australian extracts, Waratah and Rosella, MUVO conditioners help to protect from UVA and UVB damage. Australian natives also have the ability to protect themselves from colour fade and the harsh Aussie sun! MUVO harnesses the potency of these powerful ingredients to protect your hair from sun damage and save your colour! Slip, slop and slap can now apply to your hair care routine, which is becoming more vital with climate change.

lady sitting on the ground of a streetscape graffiti background in bright yellow and blue tones
Protect hair from sun damage with MUVO Conditioner.
Guy holding his hands up to his reflective mirror sunglasses in front of a bright yellow wall
Let’s not forget about the guys either.

Talk to your hairstylist or stockist about what MUVO Conditioner they would recommend for your hair type.

Our conditioning range is designed to perfectly pair with their matching shampoo


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