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How to nail the perfect blonde hair care routine

20 Jun

Totally Naked coupled with Ultra Blonde is the answer to your optimum blonde hair health dreams.

The right tone of blonde can sometimes be a “hit and miss”. You think you’ve finally perfected the right combination, found the right blonde shampoo and managed the timing, but somehow you don’t always seem to get the results you were after?

That’s where MUVO steps in – to help eliminate not only unwanted brassy tones but also give you expert, professional advice on maintaining and creating the perfect blonde with confidence!

The perfect bundle has arrived

MUVO has created the perfect bundle for you to alternate washes with Totally Naked and Ultra Blonde Shampoo. Totally Naked Shampoo can be used on its own or mixed with Ultra Blonde Shampoo to dilute its strength for unique and pastelised results.

With the nourishing, hydrating, repairing and anti-fade power of Totally Naked and the addition of Ultra Blonde Shampoo, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating the best blonde.

If you have very fine blonde hair that has been colour-treated, we recommend that you dilute by using half a pump of MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo and half a pump of MUVO Ultra Blonde Shampoo.

By diluting the power of our gorgeous purple, you will still achieve the toning strength of Ultra Blonde and keep those blonde tones clean, but won’t look too ashy.

Alternatively, if you want a more ashy tone, simply add more Ultra Blonde Shampoo for a stronger toning effect on your blonde hair.

Another side note for our blonde babes – Ultra Blonde Shampoo is powerful and maximum strength. You don’t need much and wait times are short. We designed it that way! This can be an easy trap for toning queens who haven’t had the MUVO experience.

blonde long bobbed hair faced to the side with nose piercing wearing paint speckled t shirt and black jacket

The perfect ash-blonde can be created by mixing MUVO Ultra Blonde Shampoo with MUVO Totally Naked to dilute the strength and results. Read below.

Side profile of girl with long clean blonde hairweaving pale pink cap and long sleeve cherry pink top walking in city streetscape

The perfect ash-blonde can be created by mixing MUVO Ultra Blonde Shampoo with MUVO Totally Naked to dilute the strength and results. Read below.

Just remember

Technically speaking you should only need to tone every third wash with Ultra Blonde. We recommend our regular use shampoo and conditioner Totally Naked then, Ultra Blonde can kick into routine alternately. We have created this bundle for this exact purpose.

Grab a bundle, follow our suggested guidelines, and you’ll be on your way to getting the best blonde results you’ve been looking for. Oooh and don’t forget to tag us in a pic!

Thank us later,
Team MUVO x

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