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Here’s your place to keep up with Jones on all things MUVO. Hear about new product releases, what we’re doing for the environment and general awesome reading. Get to know us, feel what we’re vibing with all things hair.

04 Jun

MUVO supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation Pink Friday campaign

We decided to extend PINK FRIDAY to a PINK LONG WEEKEND! From Friday 5th to Monday 8th June we will donate 10% of online sales of all MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo and Conditioner products.

03 Mar

Pink hair trending for 2020 with MUVO Ultra Rose

Guess who’s back (again!)? Pink hair’s back – so tell a friend. Here are six of the hottest shades this year.

24 Feb

How to achieve optimum results with MUVO Ultra Blonde

You love the way it removes all those annoying gold tones. And who are we to argue, nobody’s got time for that! The only step you are missing is a regular use shampoo and conditioner in-between!

20 Jan

Out From The Ashes…

We’re fair dinkum about helping out after the devastation from the fires…

11 Oct

Who says bigger isn’t better when Totally Naked?

You asked for it, we listened, we made it. Now it’s time to uncover this shampoo and conditioner in the bigger and better one litre size… Introducing MUVO Totally Naked.

19 Sep

Conditioner, the missing link in your MUVO haircare routine

Skipping on conditioner means that you miss out on all the benefits of healthy hair.

12 Sep

Can I use MUVO on my hair extensions?

YES! MUVO not only gives you toning results on your coloured & natural hair but can also be safely used on hair extensions.

28 Aug

Vegan & Cruelty-Free with MUVO haircare products

Without harming the hip to the hop, little furry bunnies or our precious planet you can switch to a more natural way of caring for your hair.

30 Jul

Guide for MUVO addicts – How to avoid murkiness when MUVO toning.

Now that you’ve all got your heads (and hands) around what these amazing toners can do we need to get to the nitty gritty of how to use these products correctly

01 Dec

Behind The Name MUVO

So think clean, and think pleasure. Bring the meaning of these two words together and that’s how MUVO was created

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