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Pink hair trending for 2020 with MUVO Ultra Rose

03 Mar

Guess who’s back (again!)? Pink hair’s back – so tell a friend. Here are six of the hottest shades this year.

If you’re a hairdresser you’ll be nodding your head like you’re at a heavy metal concert over this one. On a global level, the request at salons is “can I have pink hair too?”

Heavily influenced by famous stars and icons, pink hair is now cemented as an official trend to jump on board with.

So what are the top tips when diving off the springboard into the deep ocean of pinks?

One shade may not fit all. The MUVO team has got the smarts. We’ve learnt what to mix and match to deliver the best shades of pink hair to suit y’all!

1. Watermelon Pink

Watermelon Pink’s one of those ‘go to’ shades of pink. Whether your skin is porcelain, tanned or freckly, this shade of pink is for you. Watermelon is best achieved on hair that is pre-lightened to a reasonably light level of blonde with a hint of gold. We recommend towel drying the hair after pre-lightening thoroughly then apply MUVO Ultra Rose shampoo for up to 30 mins. Juicy!

2. Rose-Gold Ombre-Licious

Get excited over this one if you’ve got some re-growth. Better than a pack of two-minute instant noodles when you’re on a bender weekend budget, Rose-Gold Ombre-Licious is here to save the day.

This shade of pink is best for those worn-in colours with highlights or foils that are a few weeks or more old. Apply MUVO Ultra Rose on wet hair and leave for up to 20 mins, depending on the intensity of pink desired.

3. Bubble Gum Floss

We’re poppin’ bottles over this lit shade of pink! Fit for a prince or princess in distress of having boring hair, why not try this trending pink shade.

Best achieved on pre-lightened hair, as light as you can get it. Leave on anywhere from 1-10 mins, depending on the level of Bubble Gum Floss you want to be. Especially effective on platinum hair extensions…POP!

4. Dusty Baby Pink

Smooth and delicate enough to get a crying baby to sleep, you’ll be right on trend even if you’re a little colour shy about changing your hair colour. You’ll be spitting the dummy too if you don’t give this subtle shade a try.

Best applied on lightened hair of varying levels and left for 1-2 mins. If applied on copper tones, leave a little longer to make your mane twinkle like never before.

5. Pink Lavender

So you like pink hair but also purple too? Well now you can have the perfect blend of both. Pink Lavender is a punky combination of MUVO Ultra Rose and MUVO Ultra Blonde.

Best for highly lifted pre-lightened hair. Use equal parts of MUVO Rose and MUVO Blonde. For a more intense result, shampoo on dry hair and leave for 25-30 mins. For a less vibrant effect, shampoo on wet hair, lather and leave for up to 15 mins.

If you favour one colour more than the other, just add a little more of a pump of that shampoo!

6. In-The-Nude Pink

As the name suggests, this pink shade is barely there. It’s the pink shade that you can just see but makes your blondes & light browns illuminate like Lady Gaga on the red carpet.

Best on highlighted hair, light browns and other lighter toned hair, to give it a unique pink shimmer.

To achieve this we recommend shampooing and leaving for 1-2 mins and maintain as regularly as you feel with MUVO Ultra Rose. Whether you’re a fair-skinned babe or love the sun, this colour is for you.

You’ve got your Pink Inspo so let’s get started!

We’re sure our tips will bring you your very own MUVO palette. There’s no stopping you now to create your individual tones of MUVO pink. Be sure to tag us on our socials to share your pink inspired creations!

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