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13 Oct

Ultra Rose will add pastel pigments each time you use it. There are so many variables as to how the colour will hold from person to person.

It depends on the brands you’re using, the shade of colour your hair is before you begin, the condition of your hair, what it’s washed with, the temperature of the water and how often your hair is heat styled.Here we will cover some popular topics and answer some common questions regarding the use of MUVO Ultra Rose.

Fine, slightly over-processed & extremely bleached hair

This type of hair usually absorbs MUVO Ultra Rose quickly. Make sure you assess your hair strength, quality and condition before using.We highly recommend that you dilute the strength with MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo (colour-free). We also recommend testing strands of your hair a few times to see how it reacts in your hair. You may find you will need less processing time on finer hair!

How to avoid green tones appearing in hair

Murky tones can start to appear if the hair is porous, fine and over-saturated with colour…and perhaps in need of a little TLC! If you are getting great pink results, we recommend alternate use of MUVO Ultra Rose with our colour free shampoo MUVO Totally Naked to prevent any build-up and murky green tones from appearing. Using MUVO Ultra Rose every time you wash will keep adding colour pigment which can build up and appear murky and be harder to remove. So don’t get too excited – less is more…and remember to alternate.

Another scenario is where bleached over-processed hair can make green tones appear. Again if your hair is finer, not in great condition and you are repeatedly using MUVO Ultra Rose, there is a possibility that green murky tones can appear. Make sure that your hair is in the right condition before use. Don’t be afraid of reaching out to your supplier or salon to ask for further advice before use.

We also know that the murky green problem is more prevalent in particular locations of Australia. Therefore water quality, climate and environment play a part.

We all remember the days when our blonde hair would go green from a day at the pool! Too much chlorine and poor water quality, mixed with using a coloured shampoo can have adverse reactions on your hair.Water quality can be different depending on your location, supply and current climate. To avoid this, water purifiers can be attached to your showerheads to ‘purify’ and clean the water. So always be aware of your water quality, and if you swim at the local pool wear a cap if possible!

What can I do if my hair goes green from overusing MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo?

Firstly, we advise that you use MUVO Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove any residual colour build up in the hair. Depending on how bad the green is you may need to do this over a 2 week period. If the green is not budging, we would recommend that you visit your hairdresser to remove the dye with a direct dye lifter. DO NOT bleach bath your hair! Doing this will only push the green further into the hair shaft and possibly create damage to the hair. We do not want this to happen!

In the case of the desperate and you need to hurry up the process, we have experimented to find that bicarbonate soda mixed with water and equal parts dishwashing liquid will remove murky tones in some cases. This is the last resort option and recommend using the clarifying technique or visit a salon first, then trying to rectify any other external issues that may be contributing to murky results in the hair.

I’ve used Ultra Rose, but I’m not getting any results!

This is a tricky one to answer, with many variables. Let’s start with pre-lightened hair. Your hair may be pre-lightened, but is it pre-lightened enough? The lighter and cleaner your pre-lightened blonde, the brighter more vibrant results will occur when using MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo.

You need to figure out what shade of pink it is that you are aiming for. With good communication, get your hairdresser to lighten your hair to the desired level.

Don’t have pre-lightened hair? Another answer is that you may have a build-up of other products on your hair preventing MUVO Ultra Rose from penetrating the hair shaft and doing its job of going pink. If this is the case, we recommend implementing a program of using a cleansing shampoo for a couple of weeks to remove any build-up, then continuing the journey with MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo.

Still not getting the results you desire? Did you know that you can use MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo on dry hair? A really simple solution may be that you are just not leaving it on long enough. Thicker hair usually needs longer amounts of time because the hair shaft is wider, larger and needs more time to absorb. Applying on dry hair to really stubborn hair types that are just not ‘taking’ can be a last resort after all other avenues have been exhausted, or you just want to achieve some really punchy bright pinks!

Phew! We’ve covered a lot of ground…If you have any further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime happy MUVO-ing!

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