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Get fired up with these MUVO Halloween Mocktail combos!

10 Oct

Pumpkin spice hair is having a big moment this season. Maybe you’ve noticed the shift from light, playful colours to edgy, fiery coppers and red-toned hair?

Here’s how to get 4 spicy pumpkin Halloween hair trends using our very own MUVO Just Peachy & Flaming Copper coloured shampoos.

Whether you’re wanting subtle tones, uplifting your highlights or ombre, or adding intense vibrance to pre-lightened hair, there’s a shade of spice for you!

Peachy Pumpkin

The ultimate Halloween orange is a shade of peachy pumpkin. To achieve this we recommend using equal amounts of Flaming Copper Shampoo & Just Peachy Shampoo (eg. ½ a pump of Flaming Copper, ½ a pump of Just Peachy). This colour will brighten and frighten in all the right ways. BOO!

Model with Red, copper, wavy, blowdried hair staring at camera

Source: Pinterest

model with bright, neon red, orange, shoulder length hair looking at camera

Source: Pinterest

Neon Spice

This shade isn’t for the faint hearted – create this look if you’re hoping to stand out amongst all the ghouls and goblins! This atomic glow can only be achieved on pre-lightened or bleached hair. Apply Flaming Copper with just a touch of Just Peachy Shampoo (eg. 1 pump of Flaming Copper and just a small smidge of Just Peachy Shampoo).

Ginger Ombre Spice

Spice up your life and bring out your inner ginger this Halloween. A pump of Flaming Copper Shampoo blended with a squirt of MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo lathered and then massaged onto light ends is a combo which is sure to attract some attention for all the right (scary) reasons 😉

model with wavy hair which is dark back, brown at the root and blends into a red, copper colour

Source: Pinterest

Model with light, pastel peach and orange tones. She has glasses on her head and is staring at the camera while running her fingers through her hair.

Source: Pinterest

Pastel Pumpkin

For those of you who scare easily and want to dip your toes (or ends of your hair) into some colour this season, this shade of spice could be for you! For pastel pumpkin tones we recommend equal amounts of MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo, mixed with equal amounts of Just Peachy Shampoo.

PRO TIP: If you’re looking for a little more vibrance in any of the mocktails we have suggested above, add a touch of Flaming Copper, or apply on dry hair instead of towel-dried or wet hair.

The perfect hair for Halloween could elevate your costume to the next level, and with our MUVO toning shampoos you can achieve spicy shades that can wash out before the season is over.

Any of the mocktail recipes that we’ve published above will prepare you for the ultimate redhead festivities approaching on the colour calendar: National Redhead Day 5th November 2022! (keep an eye on our socials for more!)

Happy Halloweening!

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