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22 Nov

Create Party Pastels with Kristina Russell

It’s festival and party season! Hip Hip Hooray!  DIY colour and pastel hair have been evolving into committed relationships between clients and their hairdressers. Pastels don’t last long in the hair and require at-home…

10 Oct

Get fired up with these MUVO Halloween Mocktail combos!

Pumpkin spice hair is having a big moment this season. Maybe you’ve noticed the shift from light, playful colours to edgy, fiery coppers and red-toned hair?

14 Jun

Rescue your blonde hair today with these 4 hair product tips

Is your blonde hair feeling more tired than a Central American tree sloth on a good day? Hair so dry it could put the Sahara to shame?

31 May

Your Best Brunette Hair And How To Maintain it.

MUVO Coolest Brunette is your answer to keeping dark hair cool. From deep rich brunettes that need extra gloss, or balayage brunettes that need to tone down the copper fade

26 Apr

Wash your hair twice. Is it necessary?

Washing your hair twice, or double shampooing is not a myth or miracle, you could need to be doing it! Here’s why.

13 Oct

The pretty, the in-between and just plain green!

Ultra Rose will add pastel pigments each time you use it. There are so many variables as to how the colour will hold from person to person.

29 Jun

Your pink hair goals and how to achieve them

We’ve done the experimenting and we’ve figured out the timing and unique recipes for you to create your perfect shade of pink.

20 Jun

How to nail the perfect blonde hair care routine

Totally Naked Shampoo can be used on its own or mixed with Ultra Blonde Shampoo to dilute its strength for unique and pastelised results.

24 Feb

How to achieve optimum results with MUVO Ultra Blonde

You love the way it removes all those annoying gold tones. And who are we to argue, nobody’s got time for that! The only step you are missing is a regular use shampoo and conditioner in-between!

12 Sep

Can I use MUVO on my hair extensions?

YES! MUVO not only gives you toning results on your coloured & natural hair but can also be safely used on hair extensions.

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