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Your Best Brunette Hair And How To Maintain it

31 May

MUVO Coolest Brunette is your answer to keeping dark hair cool. From deep rich brunettes that need extra gloss, or balayage brunettes that need to tone down the copper fade, we’ve found the answer in this ground-breaking shampoo.

Refresh or extend your colour, cool down copper and brassiness and tone your highlights. MUVO Coolest Brunette Shampoo is multi-functional and allows you to maintain and be in control of your brunette shade.

3 ways to stay cool…MUVO Coolest Brunette will work a triple treat on your dark locks to do all this:

1. Refresh brown tones

2. Remove copper tones

3. Cool your brassy highlights and balayage

1. Refresh Brown Tones

Stop the dreaded fade and keep rich, cool tones after your salon visit. We all know brunettes are renowned for fading, but now you can beat the fade with MUVO Coolest Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner.

Refresh brown tones

2. Remove Copper Tones

When stubborn copper undertones start to appear on your brunette hair, you can now counteract with MUVO Coolest Brunette. Reduce copper tones and create cool shades whilst keeping brass at bay.

Remove copper tones

3. Cool Brassy Highlights

MUVO Coolest Brunette will safely eliminate brassy tones in highlighted hair whilst keeping your underlying colour cool as well. A multi-functional designed shampoo that eliminates brassy and copper fade in highlighted hair without depositing toning colours.

Cool brassy highlights

Our Brunette powerhouse helps maintain a cool brunette tone while removing brassy build up in your hair. Refresh brown tones, refresh and remove copper or cool highlights to do all three jobs at the one time!

Here are some examples on real life MUVO clients in salon:

woman with brown hair before and after with coolest brunette

woman with brown hair before and after with coolest brunette

In Summary

We love seeing all the different cool shades created with MUVO Brunette Shampoo. With a little guidance from our images above, you can be on your way to creating the best shade to suit you with confidence! Here are some great tips to take into account when applying MUVO Coolest Brunette Shampoo.

1. Applying to very well towel dried hair can make the results more intense!

2. Make sure you don’t use every wash. Use a regular-use shampoo such as MUVO Totally Naked in between then MUVO Coolest Brunette when you feel like you need to cool down!

3. Use MUVO Coolest Brunette Conditioner to continue the process and lock in what you’ve created.

4. MUVO Coolest Brunette will only refresh and tone down brunette hair. It will cool down the darkest of blonde hair, but is not suitable for blondes.

5. Our images above are guidelines and results may vary depending on the health and condition of your hair.

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