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Thinking pink? Ultra Rose will have you blushing in no time…

20 Nov

Always wanted to give pink ago? Want to jump on board pink hair trend, but you’ve got commitment issues? With the MUVO Ultra Rose toning range, you can finally achieve your pink hair goals.

Why is Ultra Rose the best pink toner to use?

Many of our hairdressing followers say that MUVO Ultra Rose is the best pink toner on the hairdressing market. Without changing your hair permanently, MUVO Ultra Rose invites you to experiment with soft dusty pink creations, right through to bright vivid pink shades.

On lightened hair, you can achieve your own unique shade of pink, depending on the time left on and frequency of use. On naturally lightened hair, Ultra Rose gives you the confidence to create subtle shades of pink.

Ultra Rose is a no-risk colour option (if used according to directions), as it will fade after each wash, returning hair to its original state. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?!

Like two peas in a pod, it makes complete sense to pair Ultra Rose toning shampoo with its perfect companion Ultra Rose Conditioner.

Ultra Rose conditioner assists by locking in the pink tones you create. With exotic Australian Rosella as a key ingredient, this conditioner will help protect against UVA & UVB sun damage. Phtyo-active compounds target healthy hair condition, whilst also providing volume.

Are you pastel or punky pink?

Still not sure if you’re up for a pastel or punky pink?

If we haven’t convinced you, that’s totally ok! Maybe pink’s not for you, but you’ve continued reading for a reason – so the idea must have been alluring. We encourage you to feel secure and confident to rock those pink tones. Our Ultra Rose toner is simple and versatile – easy to wash in and wash out, then check the results so that you know how long you would like to leave for next time. Check out our Instagram page for some inspo to get you going…

Pink can pack a punch…….the MUVO Ultra Rose way 😉

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