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It’s a pink hair party! Want to join in?

07 Dec

With lockdowns behind us and restaurants, bars, sporting events & parties ahead, why not embrace (or keep!) the pink hair trend going…

It’s a ‘hot girl summer’, time to pull out all stops and order your bottle of MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo.

Take the pink plunge with MUVO – there’s a few things to consider before you go pink. It can be both exciting and unnerving to make the commitment to pink hair, that’s why we suggest a MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo temporary test drive first.

Be realistic with your expectations.

Ultra Rose results depend on your natural hair colour. There are so many shades of pink! From dusty, soft shades to vibrant & intense, Ultra Rose does the lot! We will take you through a few tips and results here….

If you want pastel pink, softly and swiftly is the way…

If you already have very light blonde hair then pastel pink is easy to achieve on your own (and with a bottle of MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo 😉 However, if you don’t have pre-lightened blonde hair and you’re after fairy floss pink, then you’ll need your hair lightened to the cleanest level of blonde.

A very quick wash for 30 seconds to a minute with Ultra Rose should do the trick. You can even dilute Ultra Rose with Totally Naked to get that slightest hint of pink. Pretty!

Party girl with pastel pink hair

Hot girl flamingo pink! Here’s how.

This is for those ‘stand out look at me’ vibes, that will really get you noticed. You will get these vibrant, hot pink results by applying Ultra Rose on dry hair – ideally on an on-scalp bleach for best results (ask your hairdresser about this).

Girl with pink hair preparing for a big night out using MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo in her hair

Balayage kaleidoscope pink kinda girl

So you’ve got a multi-dimensional, balayage, full head of foils, or just a few highlights and you want to spice it up?! This is where it gets fun! Only great results with Ultra Rose on balayage as it picks up on all the highlighted pieces of your hair, showcasing your pink and blonde dimensions!

Our MUVO Ultra Rose lovers have done the experimenting for you so here are a few recipes and images to make you feel at ease with trying pink!

Pink convinced yet?

So now that you’re confidently and totally across Ultra Rose, we know you’ll add to cart to get in full party mode.

Don’t forget, MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo is a temporary coloured shampoo, so when you need to return back to plain Jane (sorry Jane!) in the office, or you’re just ready to turn it down a notch, Ultra Rose will wash out with a couple of simple washes with a non-coloured shampoo.

MUVO Deep Cleansing Shampoo is a handy backup to remove any pink hues (sadly erasing memories of those epic party times )

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