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WILD and NATURAL. A Guide To MUVO’s Native Extract Ingredients.

07 Sep

If you are on a journey to find the best hair care range for your hair health, then look no further than our MUVO range.

You already know how your daily habits impact on how your hair looks and feels. You’ve most likely heard the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’… but did you know that native Australian fruits and plants could be the secret to healthier, shiny hair?

If you need your hair to survive a hard day, we have selected native Australian extracts that can stand up to the challenge – protecting your hair from the environment the way nature has planned.

Here we share with you these curious and unique ingredients we’ve sourced, the native Australian extracts found in our range of MUVO hair care products.

Australian natives are the toughest botanicals on the planet and powerhouses of natural actives needed to combat extreme, unpredictable conditions. They withstand damage against 50 degrees Australian heat, manage to keep their bright colours in both flowers and leaves and protect themselves from the harsh Australian environment.

The powerful natural molecules found in each of these species have been designed over millions of years of evolution to give your hair a fighting chance against dehydration, high temperatures, UV exposure and more.

Haircare has never been so natural! Feed your hair with nature’s ancient blueprints – powerful combinations of plant nutrients for a healthier scalp and improved hair growth. And don’t we all want that!




Telopea Speciosossima
Location: Western Australia
Method: Flower Extract
Found in: MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo & Conditioner

What is this?

The king of flowers! Nothing says Australia more than this botanical – big, bold, beautiful and complex. Its large, bright crimson head is actually hundreds of intricate and delicate individual small flowers densely packed together. Found in WA, the Waratah is more than our most iconic flower, it’s a new discovery for hair care!

Why we love it: the BIG guns!

These small flowers deliver big results – plant amino acids for structure and repair, promoting healthy hair growth, smoothness, anti-frizz and overall improved condition.


Finger Lime

Finger Lime

Citrus Australasica
Location: Coastal border regions of Queensland & New South Wales
Method: Fruit Extract
Found in: MUVO Rapid 1 Minute Treatment and Smooth Leave-In Treatment

What is this?

This strange and unique citrus (isn’t it pretty?!) hails from the rainforests along the coastal border region of Queensland and New South Wales.

Why we love it: your “go-to” for RESCUE and REPAIR!

Packed with tiny caviar pearls that explode with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory actives like natural Vit C, Tryptophan, and Ferulic acid. We love how it feeds your scalp where your hairs journey starts – combating UV damage, boosting hydration and condition as well as supporting damage reversal, for hair that needs a little extra TLC.




Santalum Acuminatum
Location: Deserts & semi-arid areas of South Australia
Method: Fruit Extract
Found in: MUVO Rapid 1 Minute Treatment and Smooth Leave-In Treatment

What is this?

The Quandong is a strange, red, glossy Australian desert fruit, eaten by Indigenous people for centuries for its potent health benefits. Found wild throughout the deserts, and semi-arid areas of Southern Australia.

Why we love it: a plant powerhouse!

This little fruit is a powerhouse! It nourishes UV damaged hair, amping up its condition and comb-ability and promoting growth. Ticking all the boxes!


Cut and whole davidson plums on a bed of leaves.

Davidson Plum

Davidsonia Jerseyana
Location: Subtropical rainforests of Northern New South Wales
Method: Fruit Extract
Found in: MUVO Ultra Blonde Conditioner

What is this?

A sub-tropical rainforest fruit restricted to the native rainforests of northern New South Wales on the east coast of Australia, the dark blue/black plums have a vibrant dark red flesh and are set to be a significant player in the haircare industry.

Why we love it: powerfully nourishing!

This fruit is a powerhouse of natural molecules to nourish your hair and scalp. Packed with organic acids like Tartaric that can act as a natural AHA to help gently remove dead skin cells and Quercetin which is one of the super compounds for hair care and considered to activate hair cells. The synergism of these powerful compounds delivers exciting new possibilities for natural solutions to reducing UV damage, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant applications.




Hibiscus Sabdariffa
Location: Rainforests & sand dunes of tropical North Queensland (has adapted to a range of Australian climates)
Method: Fruit Extract
Found in: MUVO Ultra Rose Conditioner

What is this?

Perfect with champagne, yummy in jam but even better in your hair!Sophisticated, exotic and super clever. This stunning, exotic flower has a long history in the food and beverage industry and now enters as a major trend maker for natural cosmetics, skin and hair care. The reason? This flower is packed with the good stuff – plant amino acids and quercetin.

Why we love it: perfectly potent!

The powerful actives in Rosella are perfect for conditioning and volumizing your hair, while also nourishing the hair from UV radiation/damage and supports healthy growth.


Kangaroo Apple

Kangaroo Apple

Solanum Aviculare
Location: New South Wales Northern Rivers region
Method: Fruit Extract
Found in: MUVO Coolest Brunette Conditioner

What is this?

The newest botanical superstar to take the haircare world by storm.Not really an apple, more like a persimmon, but its name comes from the leaf which looks like a Kangaroo paw print. Wild harvested on Indigenous country in the NSW Northern Rivers region.

Why we love it – taming perfection!

This wild-harvested natural powerhouse is being praised for its long list of hair care benefits, ranging from boosting hair growth and reversing damage to reducing frizz. It’s packed with anti-inflammatory compounds to help with repair, plus natural Tryptophan, an amino acid that helps with sun damage and improves moisture, conditioning and smoothing out the wild in your hair. This wonder fruit does it all.


Wild Orange Leaf Extract

Wild Orange

Solanum Aviculare
Location: Northeast of Goondiwindi, Queensland Australia
Method: Leaf Extract
Found in: MUVO Deep Cleansing Shampoo

What is this?

Discover this powerful Secret from the Australian Outback, with interesting phyto-compounds for scalp and haircare. Wild Orange occurs naturally in savannah forests and grasslands and the drier parts of inland Australia. The flowers are beautiful, white or creamy-yellow blossoms with long protruding stamens. Each flower only lasts for a day, but when the fruit is ripe they are purplish or dull orange, soft and sweet smelling.

Why we love it – hair health master!

A clever combination of amino acid and phenolic antioxidants assist with skin renewal, environmental protection, barrier repair and hydration making it perfect for achieving a nourished, healthy hair and scalp.

Formulated with the very best botanical extracts to showcase the incredible benefits derived from our Australian flora, our MUVO hair care products will help deliver hydrated, healthy hair.

Photo Credits: Finger Lime – Ivar the Boneful / CC BY-SA  + Rosella – Mokkie / CC BY-SA

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