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07 Jun

Insider Tips for Expensive Brunette with MUVO

By Kristina Russell Are you ready to infuse tour tresses with luxury and extravagance? Prepare to embark on a journey into the expensive brunette hair trend – luminous and rich colour that exudes understated…

15 Apr

Your Essential Treatment Guide: Top Tips for Your Best Hair Yet

By Kristina Russell Are you tired of dealing with frizz, lacklustre hair, or scalp issues? Say hello to your new haircare superheroes: Revolution Leave-In Treatment, Smooth Leave-In Treatment, Rapid 1 Minute Treatment & Scalp…

08 Dec

Haircare Heaven: My Top 5 Favorite MUVO Products and Why I Swear By Them

By Kristina Russell When it comes to hair care, finding the perfect products that not only deliver results but also enhance your creativity is game-changing. As a hairdresser who specialises in colour, I’ve tried…

14 Nov

A Gift for Every Budget: Shop our 2023 Gift Guide!

Searching for the perfect holiday gift this year is easy with our list & links to the best gift ideas and stocking stuffers from MUVO at every price point!  Naughty or nice, your friends…

31 Oct

Why You Need a Clarifying Shampoo in your Routine

By Kristina Russell When it comes to hair care, most of us are well-versed in our routine of shampooing and conditioning with our favourite MUVO products. However, have you ever considered the significance of…

28 Aug

Washing and Toning Hair Extensions using MUVO

By Kristina Russell Did you know that MUVO toning products are safe to use on your hair extensions?  Toning your hair extensions using a MUVO shampoos is a fabulous way to revive and refresh…

29 Jun

Colour Correction Basics with MUVO

Have you ever wondered how MUVO toning shampoos counteract unwanted tones in your hair? Master colourist, Kristina Russell breaks it down for us:  As a Sydney-based hair colour specialist with 25+ years of industry…

27 Apr

The MUVO Guide to Mother’s Day

MUVO loves your mum nearly as much as you! … which is why we have curated this list so that you can give the gift of great hair this Mother’s Day. We’ve created these…

14 Feb

Ultra Blonde or Creamy Blonde? You Need Both!

Have you ever wished you could change the tones of your hair to suit your clothing? Or perhaps you have a special event that you want to soften your platinum into a creamy beige?…

20 Jan

2023: The Year of the Detox

I love working behind the salon chair and painting hair as a canvas for my gorgeous colour clients. We know there’s no better way to a great hair care routine than with a clean…

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