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Kleurentheorie gebruiken om te helpen bij het tonifiëren

04 jul

Heb je je ooit afgevraagd waarom onze versterkende producten werken?

Meesterkleuringsexpert Kristina Russell deelt een aantal van haar supergeheime, geheime kapperskennis om je te helpen de juiste producten te kiezen om je haar thuis te kleuren…

Let’s take a look at how a colour chart informs the way you work with MUVO toning shampoos.

Hairdressers use the colour wheel regularly to formulate hair colour for our clients. When looking at the colour wheel, colours that are opposite to each other are the colours that will counteract one another. However, if you look at the colours directly next to each other, they can be used to layer to add brightness and depth to the other. For example, red is next to orange. Therefore, red can be used to boost brightness when added to a faded redhead that is too orange. 

Before and after of copper hair using just peachy and flaming copper

Two applications of 1/4 MUVO Flaming Copper and 3/4 Just Peachy for 3 mins on pre-lightened hair to enhance and tone the copper tones. Credit: Neon Blonde.

When toning the hair, we look at the colours that counteract the unwanted tones. This is why we use purple pigments to counteract yellow tones, blues to counteract oranges and greens to counteract reds. 

When toning though, be wary of using full-strength MUVO toning shampoos to counteract subtle or pale tones, especially on light blonde hair that has been bleached. For example, using full-strength red on pale green tones caused by swimming because bright red can be too strong if you’re looking for a neutral result. You can pastelise the strength of MUVO toning shampoos by diluting them with Totally Naked Shampoo.

The MUVO toning method. Step 1 - Assess the hair during your consultation to determine the target colour and make a plan Step 2 - Detox the hair to remove the buildup of products & toning shampoos with MUVO Deep Cleansing Shampoo Step 3 - Apply your chosen MUVO toning shampoo on damp hair for 1-5 minutes for subtle and noticeable colour or apply to towel-dried or dry hair for a longer period of time for a stronger deposit of colour Step 4 - Rinse when the desired colour is achieved and follow with a MUVO conditioner or treatment

My favourite MUVO toning products for my clients are:

muvo prods counteracting and enhancing tones

  • Ultra Blonde Shampoo – counteracts yellow tones on grey, silver, natural blonde and highlighted hair & enhances silver, platinum and ash tones
  • Ultra Rose Shampoo counteracts brassy tones, enhances/adds cool pinkish hues on blonde hair and eliminates green swimmers’ hair  
  • Creamy Blonde Shampoo – counteracts brassiness in blonde and highlighted hair & enhances sparkle, shine and champagne creamy tones for natural-looking tones and brightness
  • Coolest Brunette Shampoo – counteracts & eliminates brassy, copper/orange tones for brunettes. Can be used to add colour to hair when filling to go darker & enhances healthy, natural, cool tones for coloured and natural brunette hair
  • Flaming Copper Shampoo – counteracts murky greenish tones on light to medium brunettes. Flaming Copper can be used to add colour to hair when filling to go darker & enhances warmth in fading red, copper and colour treated hair
  • Just Peachy Shampoo – counteracts yellow tones on strawberry blonde and highlighted hair, and can boost/enhance fashion colours, such as peach, rose gold and coral hair colours
Before and after UB and CB

Check out these before and afters! Ultra Blonde and Creamy Blonde Shampoos were applied after washing with Deep Cleansing Shampoo. Both were applied to wet hair and rinsed after 3 minutes, then followed by Totally Naked Conditioner.

I highly recommend MUVO hair products to ensure your hair is in optimal condition with your colour tone lasting longer between salon visits. You will discover the more you use MUVO haircare the healthier your hair will feel & healthy hair holds colour for longer.

In conclusion, my passion for MUVO colour toning shampoos run deep, and I can’t help but sing their praises. The ability to effortlessly transform your hair with vibrant hues and maintain its luscious shine is truly remarkable. From the moment I discovered MUVO toning shampoos, my beauty routine has been elevated to a whole new level. So, whether you’re seeking to experiment with a bold new look or simply enhance your natural hair colour, I wholeheartedly recommend embracing the wonders of MUVO temporary colour shampoos! Let your hair become a canvas of self-expression and allow MUVO colour shampoo to unlock a world of endless possibilities.

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About Kristina

Kristina Russell with Peach hair on orange background

As a Sydney-based hair colour specialist, I like to approach hair as a blank canvas to create a custom colour for my clients. I love the daily challenge of corrective hair colour and offer creative solutions for my varied clientele. I have been working with MUVO in the salon for just over a year & love the range of colours in their easy-to-apply toning range for colour toning, counteracting unwanted tones or enhancing hair colour. My clients love the results and the ability to maintain their colour between salon visits!

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