Ultra Blond of Romig Blond? Je hebt beide nodig!

14 feb

Heb je ooit gewenst dat je de kleur van je haar kon aanpassen aan je kleding? Of misschien heeft u een speciale gebeurtenis waarbij u uw platina wilt verzachten tot een romig beige? Het kan met MUVO Ultra Blonde en MUVO Creamy Blonde toning shampoos!

These two temporary toning products allow you to mix things up safely at home and maintain your colour in between salon visits. It’s as easy as changing your jewellery, and like silver or gold bling, some hair colours are more flattering than others for different occasions and outfits. MUVO toning products are all inter-mixable and temporary which is perfect for keeping your total look fresh and to create a fully versatile hair-drobe!

Both toning shampoos are designed to help you change your hair when the mood strikes and can be mixed with any other MUVO toning or colour shampoo which gives you the option to revive your blonde hair with more than one option.

You will see in the images below that the main difference between MUVO Ultra Blonde and Creamy Blonde Shampoo is the tonal results. Note: our example is on a dark blonde and if you were going to use these shampoos on a lighter base, you would get lighter and brighter results. Ultra Blonde Shampoo leaves a cooler toned ash or pearly tone, while Creamy Blonde Shampoo is warmer and can result in wheaty, natural honey tones. What you might not know is that they’re designed to help you change your hair when the mood strikes!

Side-by-side comparison of the same model using the Ultra Blonde and Creamy Blonde Shampoos.

Check out this before and after! Ultra Blonde and Creamy Blonde Shampoos were applied after washing with Deep Cleansing Shampoo. Both were applied to wet hair and rinsed after 3 minutes, then followed by Totally Naked Conditioner.

But why do blondes need multiple toners?

Blonde hair tends to lack shine in comparison to darker brunette hair and redheads because of how light reflects on lighter surfaces. This means we want blondes to be using colour maintenance products that increase shine and improve hair health to have longer-lasting hair between salon colour appointments.

The tone of your hair and your desired long-term maintenance plan will impact the frequency you’ll need to use MUVO Ultra Blonde or Creamy Blonde Shampoos. I recommend my clients start alternating every 2nd wash with a regular shampoo and conditioner (Totally Naked is perfect!) to avoid over-toning the hair. It’s vital to test your hair porosity and frequency of use to achieve your dream colour.

The condition of your hair also plays a role in your toning results. Healthy hair holds colour for longer and will appear shinier than dry, brittle or damaged hair. Complementing the Ultra Blonde or Creamy Blonde toning shampoo is a complete range of products to support your hair, including MUVO conditioners and treatments designed to help you achieve the best results.

You will need to experiment and have a play! You might discover increasing the frequency of Ultra Blonde or Creamy Blonde Shampoo usage when you’re closer to being due for your next colour will be necessary because the salon toner has completely faded out. These products allow you to control your ashy blonde vibes or maintain perfect creaminess without pesky yellow or brassy colours creeping back into your hair. 

Ultra Blonde

A before and after using Ultra Blonde.

Starting with MUVO Ultra Blonde, the toning shampoo, conditioner and treatments range remove unwanted yellow and gold tones from blonde, grey, highlighted and balayage hair. The beauty of this shampoo is its’ maximum strength depositing of dye which means you don’t need to use this every wash unless you’re keen to have pastel lavender or ultraplatinum, icy hair colour.

Most purple toning shampoos on the market either have strong pigment that dries out the hair or are hydrating but with a very weak colour deposit that doesn’t make a difference to your hair tone. But not MUVO Ultra Blonde! This product is the perfect balance of maximum strength and hydration, meaning that your hair feels fabulous after each use because it’s so moisturising! Yay! We love that for you and your hair.

In my experience as a Hair Colour Expert, I have tested many different purple toning shampoos and can wholeheartedly recommend MUVO Ultra Blonde as the best I have ever worked with. This includes feedback from my salon clients for longer-term maintenance and the incredible fast-action results I can achieve in the salon while colouring.

My Ultra Blonde Shampoo Tips:

  • Apply to wet or towel dried hair. For a more intense result, apply to dry hair, but be careful as this could deposit colour!
  • Lather and massage evenly throughout your hair. Some find it easier to section, but Ultra Blonde distributes evenly so there’s no need to be nervous! Leave for 1-5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.
  • For best results follow with MUVO Ultra Blonde Conditioner.
  • Use once or twice weekly, as required to control brassiness or as directed by your hairdresser.
  • We recommend you use MUVO Ultra Blonde Shampoo in between using MUVO Totally Naked Shampoo and Conditioner. MUVO Ultra Blonde Shampoo takes more quickly to light blonde hair than darker blonde hair. Depending on your hair colour, you can dilute Ultra Blonde Shampoo with Totally Naked Shampoo if you have very light, porous hair or want the results to be more subtle.

Creamy Blonde

a before and after on blonde hair using creamy blonde shampoo

If you have ever used a purple toning shampoo and disliked the result because it felt drab or dark, then Creamy Blonde Shampoo is for you because it’s perfect if you’re not into platinum, ashy tones.

MUVO Creamy Blonde Shampoo breathes life into dull, tired, lack-lustre blonde hair. Perfect if you desire light, bright, natural blonde or highlighted hair without that silvery platinum look. This product will extend the life of your blonde hair colour by rejuvenating dimensional shine and colour. Creamy Blonde Shampoo also enhances soft creamy tones in blonde, grey, highlighted and balayage hair. So, if you’re after some extra sparkle with a soft cream beige or wheat tones in your hair, you’re in luck!

My Top Creamy Blonde Shampoo Tips:

  • Apply to wet hair, lather and leave for 1-3 minutes.
  • For a deeper, more honey-coloured result, leave for up to 5 minutes and then rinse.
  • Follow with any MUVO Conditioner but I suggest MUVO Totally Naked Conditioner.

Pro Tip: Detox your hair with MUVO Deep Cleansing shampoo to remove the build-up of dry shampoo, styling products or silvery tones from MUVO Ultra Blonde or Creamy Blonde Shampoos to set up a fresh canvas for optimal results.

Add to your hair-drobe!

I like to change my colour regularly and alternate between my favourite products, including MUVO Just Peachy, Ultra Rose and Creamy Blonde Shampoos. Sometimes I mix a couple in my hand before applying these customised products. Learn more about mixing MUVO Mocktails in my recent blog by clicking here.

If you like to mix up your look and try different colours, both are perfect additions to your home hair care regime. Why not have both Ultra Blonde and Creamy Blonde Shampoo in your shower? I can’t think of any reason not to! Ash one weekend and golden the next!

They’re perfect for maintaining the tone and customising your lived-in blonde, balayage, bleached and highlighted hair. It’s hard to pick a favourite & why would you when you can have it all?!


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