Brunette, de nieuwe blondine

26 aug

All new and it’s not blue, we’ve made a groundbreaking brunette shampoo.

In a world full of hair colour we’ve made it of utmost importance to maintain the cool tones of our brunette population. Our Coolest Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner is like colour-correcting makeup for brunette hair.

Each time you lather up, MUVO Coolest Brunette will work a triple treat on your dark locks to:

  1. Refresh brown tones
  2. Remove copper tones
  3. Cool your brassy highlights and balayage

MUVO Coolest Brunette deposits brown and blue pigments simultaneously that help neutralise brassy orange tones in your brown hair, leaving it brighter, cooler and fresher-looking.

Although it is most effective on colour-treated hair, you can play around with Coolest Brunette on your naturally brown hair to refresh or subtly alter your shade. And even better, Brunette Shampoo is goof-proof as the effects are temporary.

Erase the copper undertones and brassiness.

Our new innovative Coolest Brunette Shampoo is producing amazing results, not only by adding cool brown tones and eliminating brass from flat hair colours but by cleverly preserving and toning down highlights and balayage too. Coolest Brunette Shampoo neutralises warm-toned highlights by refreshing and ‘cooling’ all shades of gold and brown. Bye-bye to the brass!

Finally, you can have the perfect brunette. Keep your hair looking super toned and fresh in between salon visits. Brilliant brunette hair is all about the right balance of richness, and we know we’ve cracked the code with MUVO Coolest Brunette.

man with tattoos pumping coolest brunette into hand

All natural Poroporo

Wild harvested Kangaroo Apple (AKA Poroporo) is a natural powerhouse praised for the long list of hair care benefits it offers, ranging from boosting hair growth and reversing damage to reducing frizz and helping to protect against UV damage. One of the ingredients found in Coolest Brunette Conditioner, this smoothing, conditioning wonder-fruit does it all!

Get started on your brass-cancelling journey!

We know that purple shampoo works wonders to brighten blonde strands and bust unwanted brass, but did you know that blue shampoo is equally transformational for brunettes? Thanks to the magic of the colour wheel, we know that complementary colours balance each other out.

We’ve got blonde tones under control with our hero product MUVO Ultra Blonde, so we thought it was time to treat our brunette babes.

So here’s our gift to all brunette babes for cool, calm and brass-free hair – introducing… MUVO Coolest Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner!

Blondes – tell your friends 😉

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