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MUVO’s live international streaming interview with Ticker news

27 Jul

The team at MUVO was excited to be interviewed on Ticker news recently. Here’s a recap of the interview…

MUVO is an Australian-made and owned premium, salon professional haircare brand which launched in 2017. Whilst the brand is young, MUVO’s inspiration draws on a 75 year legacy of innovation and know-how in developing specialist haircare products for the salon professional making them passionate about the haircare industry and not the mass market.

They have developed a range of salon professional products specifically tailored to Australian hair and the Australian environment to maintain coloured hair in between salon visits, and provide customers with an opportunity to be creative and experiment with colour without risk.

MUVO is a luxurious range of high-performing, salon professional haircare products that genuinely work and feel great. MUVO products are intense, hydrating, gentle, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

MUVO is uniquely Australian and a collection of native Australian extracts were selected for the MUVO range to stand up to the challenge of one of the harshest environments on the planet…and if you need your hair to survive heat, dehydration, UV exposure, pollution, and more, then Australian natives have got it all.

TICKER. Tell us about the name MUVO – where does it come from?

MUVO. Our name was fashioned from the first two letters of two Latin words; MUndi and VOluptura. Combining the first two letters of each gives you MUVO. Mundi means clean and voluptura means pleasure. The Muvo range is “clean” in its composition and delivers optimal “pleasure” in feel and results for our salon professionals and their customers.

TICKER. MUVO has a range of colour treatments for hair. Tell us more about them and what customers can achieve.

MUVO. We do. The colour line-up is:

  • Our Ultra Blonde eliminates yellow and brassy tones from blonde and grey hair.
  • Newly launched Coolest Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner refreshes brown tones, removes copper and cools brassy highlights and balayage.
  • The incredibly popular Ultra Rose Shampoo & Conditioner allows the user so much creativity to add dusty or vibrant pink tones to blonde and colour treated hair

TICKER MUVO is Australian owned, right? What makes MUVO uniquely Australian?

MUVO. Yes, MUVO is Australian-made and owned. We’re also vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free…but that’s kind of expected these days. Where I believe we are uniquely Australian is our careful choice of native extracts ingredients. We believe that for Australian-made haircare you simply can’t go past Australian native extracts. Our hair is exposed to one of the harshest environments on the planet….. and if you need your hair to survive heat, dehydration, UV exposure, pollution, and more, then Australian natives have got it all. We’ve also hand-selected extracts that don’t get a lot of exposure such as Kangaroo Apple, Waratah, Desert Quandong, Finger Lime, Wild Orange…etc. All of our toning conditioners, our treatments, and Totally Naked Shampoo & Conditioner house the goodness of these native extracts.

TICKER. Where can we get MUVO from?

MUVO. MUVO is available from a growing list of premium salons across the country and also online. Our website MUVOHair.com will direct you to stockists but if your salon isn’t a stockist, we would also recommend you ask your salon professional about MUVO and encourage them to get in touch with us to join the MUVO movement!

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