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Get prepared with Petite Pairs

16 Aug

Maybe you’d be correct in thinking that your favourite, comfy pillow is at the top of the list when packing your travel bag. Even the coffee machine has made the ‘going away’ list occasionally! Times are now changing. (If not already >.<)

These days, packing lighter means our ‘stuff’ is essentially smaller. That’s where along with tiny noise cancelling ear plugs, you’ll find pint sized toothpaste, small combs and moisturisers designed for a few days use. Everything is available smaller for the overnight bag.

We know you’d love MUVO to invent a wine dispenser disguised as a styling brush, but we couldn’t get it approved;) So we introduce to you – the “Petite Pair”.

Coming in hot – a convenient 100ml size shampoo and 100ml conditioner, packaged together with love, we’ve made the perfect MUVO travel companion.

Never be caught off guard again looking like you’ve been quarantined one too many times. Have your MUVO Petite Pair at the ready. Even if you’re travelling within your ‘bubble’ to see your lockdown lover or special person of choice, your hair will always be on point.

These special little tottles (cross between tube and a bottle) of cuteness have been designed to withstand the knocks of any turbulent travel with a secure screw on lid. They are also your handy size to be refilled from the larger MUVO pump bottles when you just need that couple-of-nights-away supply.

Introduce MUVO to a friend or family member by gifting a 100ml Petite Pair. It’s the perfect MUVO trial size for the inexperienced.

Available in the usual MUVO suspects; Ultra Blonde, Ultra Rose, Totally Naked and Coolest Brunette. MUVO Petite Pairs will become your new travel essential.

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