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A Copper Colour Diary

06 Jul

Michelle’s Hair Journey with MUVO Flaming Copper Shampoo.

Before we get into the daily adventures of being blessed with red hair, here’s some fun facts about this stunning and unique colour.

  1. Red is the rarest hair colour in the world – only 1-2% of the world’s population are redheads.
  2. If you’re a redhead with blue eyes, you’re as rare as a unicorn! Less than a million people have this rarest combination of eye and hair colours.
  3. Redheads have less hair, with only 90,000 strands compared with an average of 110,000 for blondes and 140,000 for brunettes. But don’t worry…
  4. ….each strand of red hair is thicker than strands of other coloured hair, so although redheads have fewer strands, they still have plenty of hair.
  5. Redheads don’t go grey. Their hair naturally keeps its pigment longer than most colours, before eventually fading to white.
  6. The pigment in red hair is so strong that it has to be bleached repeatedly before it can be dyed, which can lead to damaged hair.

After digesting a little of that, you’ll totally understand why Michelle’s hair journey to find a copper product that worked and actually did what it said it was going to do whilst not damaging her hair, seemed like mission impossible. Let’s dive in…

Michelle’s Diary

I was recently sent some samples of MUVO Flaming Copper Shampoo and I absolutely love it! Never have I used a copper shampoo with such dramatic and so far, long lasting results.

The first wash…

I washed my hair on Thursday shampooing twice and leaving the shampoo on for 10 minutes with the second wash. I followed it up with MUVO Totally Naked Conditioner. My hair was still as soft as usual and it didn’t dramatically affect the curl pattern on my wavy hair, only minimal frizz and a vibrant colour result.

No staining!

Also the shampoo didn’t stain my shower tiles/base like some other brands that I’ve had to scrub to get off. There was minimal staining on my towels which washed straight out – very important! No staining of the skin apart from some minor stain on my palms that came off with the conditioner. 


I think for my hair, only 5 mins would be sufficient as it tends to grab the colour more intensely in patches, but that has evened out today when I washed it for the first time since that first use. There has been minimal fade on washing it today with my regular shampoo and conditioner. 

I am very impressed with the colour results and the fact that it appears as if the colour will only need to be replenished every 3 – 4 washes! 

Last words

I’m excited for the launch of these products and will be eagerly looking forward to being able to purchase them. My hairdresser stocks your Ultra Rose and Ultra Blonde Shampoos and was very excited when I told her you were developing a copper range, I’m sure she will be keen to stock it as well.

I’ve included some photos so you can see the results.

Kind regards

Michelle x

P.S. Most photos were taken in the sun.

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