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Snel en gemakkelijk haar voor de bezige bij

28 sep

Door Kristina Russell

In de drukte van ons dagelijks leven kan het een hele uitdaging zijn om tijd te vinden om onszelf te verwennen. Er goed uitzien en je goed voelen hoeft echter geen tijd te kosten. Als je een bezige bij bent, zul je deze snelle en efficiënte tips voor het stylen en verstevigen van je haar waarderen, die je gemakkelijk thuis in je dagelijkse routine kunt opnemen. Met een beetje moeite en de juiste technieken kun je fantastisch haar hebben zonder uren voor de spiegel te staan, allemaal dankzij MUVO!

1. Invest in time-saving tools

When you’re short on time, the right hair tools can make all the difference. Consider investing in a high-quality hair dryer, a reliable straightener, or a versatile curling iron. These tools can help you achieve a variety of hairstyles quickly and easily. Look for options with adjustable heat settings to minimise heat damage and speed up the styling process. Don’t forget to use heat protection! Revolution Leave In Treatment protects your strands up to 220°C.

2. Only wash your fringe: the Totally Naked express technique

Busy mornings often leave no time for a full wash and blow-dry routine. That’s when washing a small section around your face or just your fringe comes to the rescue. A quick splash of water and a small amount of Totally Naked Shampoo at the roots can remove excess oil, add volume, and refresh your hair in minutes. It’s a lifesaver for those days when you’re running late or just want to extend your hairstyle for another day without getting it all wet.

3. Master the art of ponytails and buns

Ponytails and buns are the go-to options for easy, stylish hairdos that take just a few minutes to create. Whether you prefer a sleek high ponytail or a messy bun, these styles are versatile and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Use hair ties, bobby pins, and hair spray to secure your up-style and add a polished finish. My pro tip is to apply MUVO Revolution Leave-In Treatment to your hair every time you wash it to ensure you have a product with style memory. This means you can heat it up and revive the smoothness of your hair with a quick blast of hot air from your dryer before whipping it up into a ponytail.

4. Embrace quick and effortless waves

Beachy waves are a timeless look that work for various hair lengths and types. To achieve this effortless style, braid your hair when it’s damp and leave it overnight. To avoid unwanted frizz, it’s a great idea to apply MUVO Smooth Leave-In Treatment before braiding. Alternatively, use a curling iron or straightener to create loose waves in a matter of minutes and apply Smooth Leave-In Treatment to fight against frizz after styling. This is perfect for day 2 or 3 after you have washed your hair as an alternative to wearing a ponytail or bun. Finish with some texturizing spray and a quick zhuzh for that perfect, undone look.

5. Tone your hair at home

Maintaining hair colour can be time-consuming and it’s hard to get last-minute appointments at your salon, especially with hairdressers being so busy. Instead of frequent trips to the salon, consider using at-home toning products to refresh your hair colour and keep it looking vibrant. Choose a MUVO toning shampoo that matches your hair colour and follow the instructions carefully for a quick colour boost. It’s advisable to always do a test piece before applying it to your entire head. MUVO shampoos can be used to tone away unwanted brassy, copper or ash tones or to add colourful fashion colours to your tresses. If your blonde hair is in desperate need for a quick fix, use Revolution Treatment For Blondes, for spray on toning!

6. Opt for multitasking treatments & quick hair masks

If you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny without spending hours on treatments, try using treatments that offer multiple benefits or opt for quick hair masks. Rapid 1 Minute Treatment is perfect nourishment in a flash that provides deep conditioning and hydration. I love it so much that I use it instead of my conditioner! If you’re after deep conditioning and toning, try Ultra Blonde Therapy Mask for brassy yellow hair that needs moisture and toning all in one! For multitasking treatments, there’s nothing better than Revolution Leave-In Spray. This ultimate all-rounder will help with managing frizz, detangling, hydration and heat styling up to 220°C PLUS blonde toning in Revolution Treatment For Blondes! Doesn’t get much better than that!

7. Learn some simple braids

Braids can instantly elevate your hairstyle and add a touch of elegance. From a classic three-strand braid to trendy fishtail or waterfall braids, there are so many wonderful options to choose from. Practise a few basic braiding techniques, and you’ll have a stylish and time-saving option for both casual and formal occasions. Keep them frizz free by applying Smooth Leave-In Treatment in and outside the braid (for when you sleep in them like me!).

Being busy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great-looking hair. By incorporating these quick and easy hair styling and toning tips into your routine, you can enjoy fabulous hair without spending excessive time and effort. With the right MUVO products, tools and techniques, you’ll be ready to tackle your busy day with confidence and style.

So, go ahead and make these tips a part of your daily routine for gorgeous hair that fits your fast-paced life!

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