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Creamy blonde, the new blonde tone everyone’s talking about…

02 May

White blonde, ash blonde, silver & over toned blonde have all been around since what seems like the ice age (no pun intended!). Have you noticed that over time, and lately through pandemic shut downs, the maintenance of white and ash blonde hair has become more and more difficult?

Throughout the pandemic, many blondes chose to take a milky blonde path as opposed to their white blonde look, just in case they couldn’t get back to a salon appointment as often as they would’ve liked to. And…because of this, some blondes actually realised that softer, creamy blondes tones were in fact much better suited to their skin tone. MUVO developed the perfect solution with the creation of Creamy Blonde Shampoo.Creamy Blonde Shampoo will refresh and enhance soft creamy tones on blonde, grey and highlighted hair. It’s perfect for achieving creamy to beige blends, or balayage tones to create a gorgeous blended look; toning highlights, making them nice and creamy, all whilst leaving your hair looking shiny and vibrant.Creamy Blonde Shampoo will also extend the life of your colour, giving amazing dimension to a dull lifeless blonde – almost that ‘beachy’ lived-in-blonde look.

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