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A one-on-one interview with the founder and creative genius, Marg…

15 Jan

Founder & creator of the ever-expanding MUVO product family answers some questions on how it all came about.

So Marg, tell us how the MUVO brand came to life?

“Well, our company has been making products for the hairdressing industry for years. 73 to be exact! We love challenging ourselves to create products that will not only achieve the best results but also meet the demand of what the industry is requesting – and there was a huge gap for something like MUVO.”

What sets you apart from other brands?

“I think it’s our experience. As I mentioned earlier we’ve been manufacturing for the Australian haircare industry for decades. The Angus McDonald Company Of Sydney (AMCOS) opened up its doors for manufacturing in 1946 in Woolloomooloo and has been going strong ever since. Our factory is now in Smithfield in western Sydney. Our history and experience is making hair care products. What is new to us, is our own retail brand MUVO.

Has it all worked out how you planned?

“Absolutely!  Almost 3 years ago we created MUVO and the acceptance and loyalty by the haircare industry have been phenomenal! We are grateful to those who have put their trust in us. MUVO Ultra Blonde was our first product and it was different from any other blonde toning shampoo on the market.”

How so?

“Well firstly, it’s maximum strength. So for hairdressers and consumers that equates to time-saving. It’s incredibly hydrating – and doesn’t dry out the hair as most purple toning shampoos do. And the feel, that’s what most people comment on – they love how it feels.”

How quickly did MUVO take off?

“It took us by surprise actually – people sharing on their socials and leaving reviews, word quickly spread and a couple of times we found it difficult to keep up! MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo & Conditioner came along as a request from our clients and customer following. The pink hair trend was popular – and has continued to be for far longer than we anticipated. We’ve even been mentioned in some top articles in magazines across the world for being one of the best pink toning shampoos going around!”

What about MUVO Totally Naked? Why was this created?

“Once again the feel and our MUVO lovers asking for it! When people are asking for a product, you know you must be doing something right. MUVO users were asking for something to use in between their Ultra Blonde and Ultra Rose. Totally Naked was designed for just this; a regular-use go-to shampoo, no toning aspects like previous MUVO products, just raw – Totally Naked 😉 a ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ shampoo and conditioner. The feedback has been great.”

Can you tell us more about the Australian native extracts?

“Sure. Being an Australian owned and made product, we wanted to showcase some unique native Aussie plants. We source these extracts from a supplier in the Ballina region of northern NSW. These extracts hold so many benefits to hair. When you think about it, Australian plants flourish under harsh weather conditions; keep their colour, protect from heat damage etc. Just the sort of thing you’re wanting for haircare right? We decided to utilise the benefits of these extracts as ingredients in our haircare to prevent colour fade and help to protect from UV and environmental damage…naturally.”

A touchy subject, but do you test on animals?

“We research, develop and manufacture products without any cruelty to animals. We test only on humans – I feel that’s an odd thing to say, but we are developing a product for human hair, so we would have to test on human hair right? It’s a way of the world now. We have to protect our planet and all living species on it! And by the way, MUVO is vegan friendly!”

Do you get into your lab coat and take a look at what’s going on, or do you leave that to the crazy professors 😉 ?

“I’ve always been hands-on. I’m involved in every step of the way in what goes on in our lab. Our company is like a family, so we are all close-knit and have strong brand values.”

What’s next for MUVO?

“We have so much in the pipeline for MUVO. I won’t give any of it away, but let’s just say the future looks very bright 😉 We’re a global company now, so who knows where this journey will take us…but as a part of our brand ethos, there’s no end – only creating… x”

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