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Insider Tips for Expensive Brunette with MUVO

07 Jun

By Kristina Russell

Are you ready to infuse tour tresses with luxury and extravagance? Prepare to embark on a journey into the expensive brunette hair trend – luminous and rich colour that exudes understated sophistication. In this blog, we’re going to introduce you to this versatile trend and unveil how you can effortlessly maintain expensive brunette hair colour with MUVO. Let’s dive into the world of expensive brunette and unlock the key to the fashion-forward, trend-driven hair perfection!


What is Expensive Brunette?

Characterised by depth, shine and subtle dimension, ‘Expensive Brunette’ is the perfect low maintenance solution for a rehabbing blonde, one-dimensional brunette or dull bronde. Rich tones, a high gloss finish and optional seamless (almost invisible) highlights are favoured over bright and overly processed strands to make this style luxurious and wearable without compromising your hair health.  

Expensive brunette isn’t just a hair trend; it’s a lifestyle. it’s about adorning your mane with shades that exude opulence and grandeur, creating a spellbinding aura wherever you go. Imagine the richness of velvety cocoa, the depth of dark espresso and rich caramel accents to create a symphony of hues that have depth and luminosity at the same time. Whether it’s a rich chocolate brown, golden caramel infusion or an ashy hue, the Expensive Brunette trend can be adapted to suit every skin tone and face shape making this style truly versatile. And the best part? With MUVO’s brunette toning products, achieving and maintaining this high-end look has never been easier.

Why ‘Expensive’?

The allure of Expensive Brunette lies in its ability to evoke visions of high-end luxury and exclusivity, while being a natural and low-maintenance alternative to other colour options with complicated upkeep. It’s a look that is sophisticated, yet understated which is why it’s no surprise that it’s being embraced by the fashion forward and style icons around the world. And while the term “expensive” may imply exclusivity, achieving and maintaining this luxe look is within reach for everyone with a little help from MUVO products that won’t break the bank.

Who embodies the Expensive Brunette vibe?

Recently, there has been an influx of celebrities and influencers who are exploring and venturing into the realm of glossy, brunette hair. From the luminous richness of Hailey Bieber to the natural depth of Natalie Portman, brunette hair has never been as chic and glamorous as is it today. But you don’t need a red-carpet invitation to embrace this trend. With MUVO’s transformative products, anyone can channel their inner style maven and bask in the radiance of Expensive Brunette beauty.

How to Unlock the perfect Expensive Brunette look with MUVO:

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty – MUVO’s Coolest Brunette Shampoo and Balayage Shampoo For Brunettes are the secret weapons that everyone needs in their toolkit. These products are the ticket to Expensive Brunette perfection whether you’re rocking the same shade of brunette all over, or a subtle balayage moment where maintaining that dimension is top priority. 

Think of Coolest Brunette Shampoo as your corrective silver bullet, your tool to remove copper tones, enhance brunette tones and cool extremely brassy highlights in hair that is in dire need of toning, or global brunette hair that is prone to warmth and throwing copper as it fades. A truly revolutionary shampoo, Coolest Brunette is also ultra hydrating which means that your hair will be left super soft with a brilliant, mirror-like shine. 

Simply massage into wet hair, indulge in the luxurious lather, and let it work its magic for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. For intense toning and colour correcting, leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Pair it with MUVO’s Coolest Brunette Conditioner for a dazzling & luxurious finish that screams runway-ready sophistication.

For the multidimensional and balayage masterpieces, fear not – we have your back! MUVO’s world-first Brunette Balayage Toning Shampoo is tailor-made for the modern trendsetter. This game-changing formula breathes new life into your salon-fresh balayage, infusing it with renewed vibrancy and depth. An innovative formula works to refresh and maintain salon balayage with a quick wash only! Apply to damp hair, lather, and rinse after about a minute for perfectly preserved balayage brilliance.

Indulge in Expensive Brunette luxury with MUVO

With MUVO by your side, achieving the hair of your dreams has never been easier or exhilarating. Whether you’re looking to maintain the richness of deep brunette velvet or the luminosity of barely-there highlights, Coolest Brunette and Balayage Shampoo For Brunettes are the ultimate companions on your expensive brunette journey. Say goodbye to ordinary hair colour and hello to the extraordinary with MUVO. After all, in fashion-forward elegance, every shade of brunette deserves to shine!

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